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05 Aug 2013
How does your hospital obtain an authenticated signature from providers? What department is responsible for obtaining and maintaing this record? Do you have a policy for this action and what department holds that policy? Thank you.

~RE: At New Hampshire Hospital it is the responsibility of the Medical Staff Office to obtain an authenticated signature from each physician/APRN/PA-C appointed to staff. This is done on initial appointment. The record is then maintained in the Health Information Office. We do not have a policy around this.

~RE: At Speare the authenticated signature is usually obtained the day the provider comes for their orientation. This is obtained, and kept, by our Health Information Management (Med Rec) Department. We do not have a policy regarding this.

~RE: It is obtained at the Initial Provider orientation when HIS meets with them and they keep it on file

~RE: At CMRC, our Information Services Department (IT)is responsible for all medical staff signatures. Their Achieve program scans and saves as a .gif file. The practitioner electronic signature is collected to be used for signing orders in our Matrix system. All documents for credentialing, appointment and reappointments must be original signatures by the medical staff. All insurance enrollment applications require original signatures. We do have a "EMR Electronic Signature Policy". Contact me via e-mail, and I will be happy to send it to you.