Wound Care qualifications and privileging criteria - REPOST
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22 Apr 2014 06:47 PM
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01 Jul 2013
Hi Everyone,
We will be moving forward with opening a Wound Care Clinic at Speare. I was hoping that those that already have Wound Care Clinics would share with me their qualification criteria for appointment/reappointment as well as their Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Clinical Privileges.

~RE: Our wound care specialist is an employed APRN who is not credentialed through the MSO.

~RE: Our Wound Care is hospital based and covered by employed wound care nurses.

~RE: CMRC wound care specialists are all RNs with cerfication in wound care. They are part of the hospital nusrsing staff.

~RE: Can anyone who has NP's in Hyperbaric Medicine share a privilege form with me please? sday@memorialhospitalnh.org