NAMSS works tirelessly to address and provide regulatory updates, healthcare news, and legislation that affect the medical staff and credentialing industry. Below you will find a variety of information, publications, resources and comments that bring these issues to light and provide insight into our organization’s positions on these topics.

Position Statements - NAMSS Position Statements reflect concrete applications of the Association's Code of Ethics, overarching Strategic Goals, and reflect the best interest of NAMSS' members and industry partners. 

NAMSS Advocacy (Government/Legislative) – View a history of NAMSS’ statements regarding changes to our industry that affect NAMSS and its members.

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NAMSS Roundtable Reports - Read NAMSS' Industry Roundtable Reports.

Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training - NAMSS, in partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA), the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the Organization of Program Director Associations (OPDA) and others, developed a workgroup to discuss options to standardize the training verification process and alleviate these burdens placed on hospitals, medical services professionals, and program directors.

NAMSS Gateway – Read archived issues of NAMSS Gateway, our monthly email communication containing both association news and an abundance of healthcare-related articles that highlight issues relevant to our industry.

Synergy (Member Login Required) - Synergy, the official electronic magazine of NAMSS, provides information that directly impacts today’s medical services professional. Published six times a year, Synergy is the source MSPs go to when searching for best practices and tools that will help them in their jobs. NAMSS members and experts in the field write Synergy articles that address the challenges members face in the healthcare environment, including legal matters and applications of processes.

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