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National Association Medical Staff Services Announces
New Online Practitioner Affiliation Repository

New Tool Helps Medical Services Professionals Efficiently Credential and Privilege Health Care Practitioners

Washington, DC (February 26, 2013) —The National Association Medical Staff Services is excited to announce the NAMSS Practitioner Affiliation Sharing Source (NAMSS PASS)—a new tool designed to help Medical Services Professionals efficiently and accurately credential and privilege practitioners in their health care facility. NAMSS PASS is a secure, online repository that provides practitioners’ affiliation history with hospitals, surgery centers, health plans, group medical practices, and other Health Care Entities (HCEs) for the entirety of the practitioners’ careers.

This tool, created through the collaborative efforts of NAMSS and the Practitioner Hospital Data Bank (PHDB), will minimize operational inefficiencies by instantly obtaining a practitioner’s affiliation history for the Health Care Entities (HCEs) where he or she has been credentialed and performing a gap analysis to determine if any credentialing “red flags” are present. If the practitioner is in good standing, NAMSS PASS will immediately print “good standing” letters from any one of the contributing hospitals, if a letter for that practitioner is available (a fee will apply for this service).

“As Medical Services Professionals, patient safety is our primary responsibility,” said NAMSS Immediate Past President Constance E. Riedel, BS, CPMSM, CPCS. “At the same time, given the current economic climate, we also must use our expertise to perform our responsibilities in the most efficient and effective manner possible. NAMSS PASS is an important new tool to aid in this process.”

Initially, the gap analysis data will be available for free to all HCEs that upload their roster of practitioners to the repository. Non-contributing HCEs will need to pay a fee for access to the data. All entities (contributing and non-contributing) can pay a fee to print affiliation letters; however, the first three letters are free.

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