Leadership Certificate Program In-Person Course

A continuation of the online modules portion of the NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program, the in-person course provides a practical approach to team leadership, negotiations, critical thinking, and communication. Through a great deal of hands-on discussions, role-playing, and working through real-life scenarios, participants will gain the skills and confidence necessary to deal with a variety of real, every-day situations.

This program an ideal option for MSPs with the CPCS or CPMSM credential and a minimum of five years’ industry experience in the industry with the title of Manager and above. 

The Online Modules Must Be Completed Prior to Taking the In-Person Course.

What You Will Learn:

Communicating for Maximum Impact

You’d think it would be easy. I talk, you listen. You talk, I listen. We communicate. But clear communication is actually quite complicated. This course will explore several facets of the communication process so that you will be able to communicate more clearly with subordinates, peers and managers. You will discover:

  • The factors that impact communication

  • Your own communication style

  • Effective communication techniques

  • Communication tools, and when each is most effective

  • Techniques for communicating with various MSP audiences

Effective Negotiation and Mediation Skills


As you learned in Becoming an Effective Negotiator, medical services professionals spend a great deal of time working with people who have different perspectives than you do. Your ability to negotiate is a critical factor in your success. This course will help you practice and improve your skills in several key areas:

  • Being assertive, not aggressive
  • Developing an effective BATNA so you know your bottom line
  • Developing a powerful opening pitch for any negotiation

In addition, you will learn and practice mediation skills which will enable you to facilitate effective negotiations between others.

Critical Thinking

In the course of an average day a medical services professional will make dozens of decisions, some simple, some critical. Your ability to analyze a situation and apply critical thinking skills will have a profound impact on the quality of your decisions. This course will introduce you to the process of critical thinking and will explain how to think critically. You will have several opportunities to apply critical thinking to a variety of issues, and you will practice applying the results of your critical thinking to writing a brief, clear, and persuasive recommendation.

•    Explain what critical thinking is
•    Explain critical thinking concepts
•    Explain strategies to develop critical thinking skills
•    Apply critical thinking skills to typical MSP scenarios
•    Apply the results of critical thinking to develop and effective SBAR


Leading a Team: Applying Critical Skills

This course provides an opportunity to apply two key skills introduced in Leading a Team: Core Concepts for Success. You will have the opportunity to practice resolving conflicts within a team, and to solve a variety of real-world problems. By the end of this course, you will have improved your skills and will have a potential solution to a problem you are currently facing in your job.

  • Describe the best uses for different types of teams

  • Explain the stages of team development

  • Resolve a conflict within a group

Leadership Certificate Program: Capstone Exercise

The NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program has introduced a wide range of topics focused on developing and applying leadership skills in a medical services environment. The Capstone Exercise will provide an opportunity to work with several of your peers to apply all that you have learned to real-world situations faced by many medical services professionals.  By the end of this course you will have honed your skills, increased your confidence and will be well prepared to tackle key leadership issues in your institution.

The Capstone Exercise is the final activity of the in-person course.

Who Should Attend:

The NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program is an ideal option for MSPs with the CPCS or CPMSM credential and a minimum of five years’ industry experience in the industry with the title of Manager and above. However, theThe program is open to NAMSS members and non-members and all medical services professionals who are interested in advancing their role and responsibilities as leaders.



This in-person course has been approved for 14 CE credits.



  • NAMSS Members

    • $629

  • Non-Members

    • $729

Upcoming Dates and Locations

March 20 - 21, 2020
NAMSS 2020 Education Summit
Hyatt Regency Orlando
9801 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819