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Our Members-Only Discussion Forum is under construction while we work towards implementing a brand new Online Community platform. Please stay tuned for the return of this improved resource later this year.

The NAMSS Discussion Forum is a members-only resource meant to encourage networking and idea-sharing among NAMSS members in all realms of medical staff services and credentialing. Please note that as a user-driven resource, your inquiry may not receive a response for a long period of time. If you have a pressing question, please don't hesitate to contact your state association, Director at Large, or the NAMSS Executive Office. Similarly, we ask that when sharing a template or a document, you include your preferred contact information so that others may request your file(s) directly.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in the NAMSS Discussion Forum are those of the author of each message and may not reflect the views of NAMSS. If you have specific questions for NAMSS staff or volunteers, please e-mail those to