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May 2015


A Word from the President

Spring is finally in full swing and what an exciting time of year it is for all of us at NAMSS!

This month, we are introducing the association's mobile app that brings all the benefits of NAMSS to your fingertips! Available in the Apple and Google Play stores, the app is perfect for the MSP on the move. Find resources, industry news, the latest Gateway articles and monthly discounts devised to help you stay connected with NAMSS even when you are away from your desk. See instructions for how to download in this issue of Gateway.

We are also looking forward to collecting our 2015 award and scholarship nominations. NAMSS offers three awards and two scholarships to celebrate NAMSS members and MSPs for their work achievements, writing, and commitment to our organization. All awards will be presented at the 39th Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition and recognized in the onsite program. Get your applications in by June 15th!

I hope you enjoy the May issue of Gateway!

Linda Waldorf, BS, CPMSM, CPCS
NAMSS President
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Greeley May 2015


News From NAMSS
NAMSS 2015 Educational Conference & Exhibition - Coming Soon!
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Upcoming Webinars
NAMSS CMO Toolkit Response Request
2015 NAMSS Awards
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Hear What People are Saying About NAMSS PASS
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Industry News
"Hospitals Lead the Way in April Healthcare Job Boom"
"Technology Creates 'Blind Spot' in Physician Credentialing"
"North Canton ER Staffing Company to Expand Nationwide"
"Video Is About to Become the Way We All Visit the Doctor"
"Parkland Hospital Staffing, Once in 'Crisis Mode,' Stabilizes"
"Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Data Shows High Harm Events in Pennsylvania Healthcare Facilities Decreased 45 Percent Since 2005"
"Only 251 Hospitals Score Five Stars in Medicare's New Ratings"
"What Future Hospitals Will Look Like"

News From NAMSS

NAMSS 2015 Educational Conference & Exhibition - Coming Soon!

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Access NAMSS on your Phone

NAMSS is launching a new mobile app focused on the benefits of the association. Download the NAMSS mobile app to stay in touch with industry news, find product discounts in the NAMSS store, gain instant access to NAMSS PASS and certification resources, and much more!

To download the app, search for “NAMSS” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you do not have a smart phone, point your browser to

If you have any questions about the app, please contact us at 202-367-1196 or

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Upcoming Webinars

Attend the New NAMSS PASS Training Webinar!
“Patient Safety: The Critical Role of NAMSS PASS”

The next webinar will be held on: Wednesday, May 20 - 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT

This is a new webinar focusing on Patient Safety and how NAMSS PASS is the critical solution to one of the on-going challenges we face as MSPs. When practitioners do not fully disclose their work history, MSPs are not able to verify what they don't know and places their patients and facilities at risk. This important webinar covers the critical role of how NAMSS PASS addresses this issue. This webinar is free and you will receive one CE credit for attendance.

Click here to register now and to view all upcoming webinar dates!

Complete Overview of the Medicare Hospital Credentialing & Privileging Requirements (Parts I & II)
June 23 and June 25, 2015
2:00 – 3:30 pm ET on both days
This webinar has been approved for 3.0 CE Credits
Presented by David W. Eddinger, RN, MPH

An updated version of the popular session at the NAMSS 2014 Annual Conference, these presentations will include a complete overview of the Medicare Hospital Conditions of Participation related to medical staff credentialing and privileging. This is a two-part webinar occurring on two separate days. Individuals who are unable to attend one of the two days will have access to the recording for four (4) weeks after the conclusion of the webinar.

This webinar will not be sold as a recording.
Click here to register now!

Telemedicine for Medical Staff
July 8, 2015 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET
This webinar has been approved for 1.5CEs
Presented by Gary Capistrant, Chief Policy Officer, American Telemedicine Association

Join us on for an in depth look at telemedicine, especially its emerging applications and reimbursement prospects. Remain up to date on the opportunities and positioning for connected care delivery in your practice. Send in any questions ahead of time to

Register now!
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NAMSS CMO Toolkit Response Request

NAMSS is researching the need to create a CMO Toolkit for MSPs. We’re wondering if you’d find it useful to have resources from NAMSS to educate your HR Department, incoming CMOs, or other new administrators about the importance of the Medical Staff office, and how to best work together. Please take 2-3 minutes to fill out this brief survey on whether or not this resource would be beneficial to you!
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2015 NAMSS Awards

We know that NAMSS members spend all year working to ignite change in their medical environments. Sometimes the day-to-day work goes unnoticed, so make sure that your positive work or the work of others is recognized on the national level. Take a moment to acknowledge these distinct individuals through the 2015 NAMSS Call for Awards ! All nominations are due by June 15, 2015. NAMSS is accepting applications for the following:
  • Leadership Award
  • Golden Key Award
  • Charlotte Cochrane Scholarship
  • Aspire Higher Scholarship
  • ICON Award
Visit the NAMSS Website for more information.
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Connect with NAMSS on Facebook

Discuss the latest industry news on the NAMSS Facebook page! As the leading resource for MSPs, NAMSS strives to bring members the latest news from the healthcare industry. Facebook is one of the many channels we use to let our members know about policy updates, patient safety news, and office tips and tricks. Like our Facebook page today and stay in the know!

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Hear What People are Saying About NAMSS PASS

“NAMSS PASS has proven to be a great asset. I process initial applications for one of the largest health systems in the state of Indiana. When processing initial credentialing applications, it is essential that I don’t let anything escape my attention. NAMSS PASS provides a reliable source of quality information. Discovering hospital affiliations that applicants fail to disclose on the application is the number one benefit for me. Of course, saving time by having one website for multiple hospitals is great too.

Ruby L. Bethke, CPCS
Credentialing Specialist
St. Vincent Health CVO
Indianapolis, IN

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you use NAMSS PASS and what benefits you gain from the resource. Email with your responses. 

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Monthly Discount

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Industry News

Hospitals Lead the Way in April Healthcare Job Boom
Modern Healthcare (05/08/15) Herman, Bob

According to seasonally adjusted figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry added 45,200 jobs last month -- the largest monthly increase this year.  Hospitals accounted for over 25 percent of that total.  Employment at hospitals went up by 11,800 in April, a 0.2 percent uptick from the month before and a 1.8 percent increase year over year.  Instances of mass layoffs at hospitals and health systems have been less common than in years before despite the fact that more and more services are shifting toward the outpatient setting.  However, some struggling organizations are still resorting to cutting payroll in order to preserve their bottom line.  In other niches, nursing homes and residential-care facilities added 8,100 employees, reversing a two-month trend in which nearly 8,000 jobs were slashed.  Nursing homes alone accounted for around 3,000 of the newly created jobs.  Ambulatory settings together generated more than 25,000 jobs in April, a 4 percent improvement from the same month a year ago.  Within that category, physician offices added 9,300 staffers.
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Technology Creates 'Blind Spot' in Physician Credentialing
MedPage Today (04/26/15) Ready, Tinker

When a patient suffered a cascade of complications after robotic surgery, his attorneys thought the doctor, the hospital, and the device maker should be held liable. However, the courts disagreed in a malpractice case involving the da Vinci Surgical System. The 2013 decision that da Vinci's maker Intuitive Surgical was not responsible for the action of a poorly trained physician may be welcome news for the medical device makers -- a ruling that is under appeal. The case does raise a serious question for hospitals, according to a recent commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: "Do hospitals need to strengthen traditional credentialing programs to ensure that doctors are adequately trained in the use of new devices?" A team of researchers from the University of Michigan's Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy believes so. They wrote in a recent JAMA opinion article: "By concluding that Intuitive was not negligent, this decision implies that the medicolegal responsibility for training, credentialing, and privileging surgeons to use new technologies belongs to physicians and the hospitals (or other institutions) where they work." Unfortunately, guidelines for how do to that are "vague and scarce," states lead author Jason C. Pradarelli, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Michigan now working with the school's clinical research program.
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North Canton ER Staffing Company to Expand Nationwide
Akron Beacon Journal (04/28/15) Powell, Cheryl

An Ohio-based company that specializes in providing physician staffing for hospital emergency departments has agreed to join with a health-care investment firm to finance its national expansion plans. Emergency Medicine Physicians' deal, terms of which were not disclosed, is with New York-based investment firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. Together, their goal is to create a new company called U.S. Acute Care Solutions. The venture will contract with hospitals nationwide to provide emergency medicine physicians and inpatient care specialists, also known as "hospitalists." The deal will enable Emergency Medicine Physicians to expand by hiring more doctors and acquiring or merging with other physician groups. Chief Executive Dominic Bagnoli remarks, "Our goal really is to become the national leader within three to five years." The doctors will remain the majority owner of the new company.
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Video Is About to Become the Way We All Visit the Doctor
Wired (04/15) Lapowsky, Issie

The country's biggest health insurers are starting to view televisits similarly to traditional doctor visits.  UnitedHealthcare recently announced a partnership with three telemedicine companies to cover online video-based doctor visits the same as it covers in-person visits.  United says it will cover virtual doctor visits through NowClinic, Doctor on Demand and American Well, which connect patients with thousands of doctors through video chat.  These doctor consultations generally cost $40 to $50 each, but with the United coverage, patients will only need to pay their usual co-pay.  Peter Mueller, a healthcare industry analyst at Forrester, said United's acceptance of video doctor visits is a major step forward for the healthcare industry.  "There are a lot of pros to telemedicine," said Mueller. "Convenience is one.  Access is another.  Then there's the immediacy of it, too."
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Parkland Hospital Staffing, Once in 'Crisis Mode,' Stabilizes
Dallas Morning News (05/06/15) Jacobson, Sherry

Things appear to have settled down after a difficult period of staffing troubles at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas County, Texas. Three years ago, vacancies at the facility had reached "crisis mode," hospital officials report. Almost 1,300 of the nearly 9,000 full-time jobs -- about 15 percent -- were vacant. At the same time, the staff was overwhelmed with around 30,000 unanswered job applications. Dan Enright, the hospital's director of integrated talent management, told a board of managers committee that a series of hiring improvements appear to have quelled the situation. Parkland's employment vacancy rate is now down to 7.7 percent, primarily due to more efficient hiring practices such as better candidate selection and a quicker response to applicants. By comparison, health care vacancies in the Dallas-Fort Worth region averaged 6.5 percent versus a national rate of 4.5 percent. Problem spots persist, though. For instance, Parkland's current nursing turnover is 11 percent higher than the regional turnover rate for nurses and 37 percent higher than the national rate. "We will develop career paths for nurses that we think will have the impact of reducing turnover by giving them some options,” Enright said.
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Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Data Shows High Harm Events in Pennsylvania Healthcare Facilities Decreased 45 Percent Since 2005
PR Newswire (04/30/15)

High harm events in Pennsylvania-based health care facilities have decreased 45 percent since 2005, as shown in data published in the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's 2014 Annual Report released late last month.  "High harm events according to Pennsylvania reporting requirements fall into one of three categories: events that occurred and resulted in permanent harm to the patient; events that occurred and resulted in a near-death event; or events that resulted in a patient's death," said Dr. Rachel Levine, acting chair of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority board of directors
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Only 251 Hospitals Score Five Stars in Medicare's New Ratings
Kaiser Health News (04/16/15) Rau, Jordan

The federal government has awarded its first star ratings to hospitals based on patient surveys.  Posted on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Hospital Compare website, the star ratings are based on 11 aspects of the patient experience, such as how well doctors and nurses communicated, how well patients believe their pain was addressed and whether they would recommend the hospital to others.  According to an analysis of the ratings by Kaiser Health News, 251 hospitals -- or 7 percent of the 3,553 facilities that were rated -- received the top five-star rating.  Ratings of four stars were given to 1,205 hospitals, or 34 percent, and three stars to 1,414 hospitals, or 40 percent.  CMS also assigned two-star ratings to 582 hospitals, or 16 percent of the hospitals that were rated, and one-star ratings to 101 hospitals, or 3 percent.  Another 1,102 hospitals were not assigned stars, mainly because too few patients completed surveys during the July 2013 to June 2014 study period.
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What Future Hospitals Will Look Like
Wall Street Journal (04/29/15) DeVore, Susan

Hospitals of the future will be part of an interconnected network of providers that delivers coordinated care across the continuum, according to Premier Inc. President and CEO Susan DeVore.  In this environment, hospitals are likely to assume new roles, serving as organizing and financing hubs that seamlessly bring together all the providers in a community to monitor and guide healthcare treatment.  As the Medicare Shared Savings Program and the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement programs grow faster than expected, shifts in provider payments are inevitable.  Leavitt Partners predicts that a full third of all Americans will be cared for by a clinically integrated network by 2025, and PwC research says healthcare mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships rose 20 percent in 2014.  Hospitals and physician practices have been forming strategic partnerships to integrate acute and primary-care services and acquiring skilled nursing, rehabilitation or long-term care facilities that account for approximately 40 percent of premium spend.  DeVore says by 2030, all patients "will be treated by some form of a clinically integrated network with one or more state-of-the-art hospitals within that network."
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