Speaker Resources

Thank you for your commitment to speak at the NAMSS 42nd Educational Conference and Exhibition and/or the NAMSS CVO Excellence Symposium in Long Beach, California. To ensure that you are prepared for your presentation, we have compiled key information about the conference logistics. We also want to help you strengthen your presentation and promote your participation at this year’s conference. Annual conference speakers can contact Lindsey Flick, Education and Learning Services Senior Coordinator, and CVO speakers can contact Delana Listman, with any questions about your presentation, scheduling, or logistics. 

Mark Your Calendar for Important Dates

  • Thursday, May 24th - Registration Open
  • Wednesday, June 13th - Speaker Agreements Due
  • Thursday, June 28th - Speaker Orientation Webinar
  • Wednesday, August 15th - Session Presentations, Quiz Questions, and Handouts due (moderator questions are due for CVO panelists)
  • September 29th - October 3rd - NAMSS 42nd Educational Conference and Exhibition
  • October 3rd-4th - NAMSS CVO Excellence Symposium 

If you have any questions or require additional information, contact the NAMSS Executive Office at speakers@namss.org.

Speaker Orientation Webinar (Annual Conference Speakers Only)

If you weren’t able to tune into the Speaker Orientation Webinar or would like to review the contents, you can view the recording by clicking here. On this webinar, we reviewed the interactive features that speakers can add into their program and how to take the steps to incorporate the features. We also reviewed other logistics for the conference and answered questions from the live attendees. You can also download a copy of the slides in PDF format by clicking here

Preparing Your Presentation and Handouts

Presentations, quiz questions, and handouts are due no later than Wednesday, August 15th.


Quiz Questions

  • Speakers must submit 10 quiz questions to accompany each session for use in creating continuing education materials.
  • Click here to download a copy of the submission for the Annual Conference form which includes guidelines and best practices for writing quiz questions. 
  • Click here to download a copy of the submission for the CVO Excellence Symposium.


  • The NAMSS Executive Office will develop a handout of your PowerPoint slides. We strongly encourage you to develop additional handouts to accompany your presentation. 
    • Handouts may include but are not limited to:
    • Outline of presentation or main topics
    • Charts, diagrams, and checklists
    • Bibliography of related references
    • Glossary of terms
    • Copies of articles (provided that you have obtained a copyright release)
  • Check out these 13 Best Practices for Effective Presentation Handouts for more ideas. 

As a reminder, all presentations and additional handouts will be provided digitally to attendees prior to the conference. They will have the opportunity to print copies if they desire, but no copies will be provided onsite. 

Conferences I/O – Interactive Polling Feature (Annual Conference Only)

NAMSS will again be offering the opportunity to add interactive polling to your session. This is a great way to engage your audience and will be integrated directly into your presentation by the NAMSS Conference Team with little additional effort for you. Please register for our Speaker Orientation Webinar to learn more about the interactive features offered and check back here in June for further details on how to add polling to your presentation.

Promote Your Session

We encourage you to spread the word about your session through email and social media. Check back here soon for a graphic that you can add to your email signature and for ideas for messages that you can share on your social media feeds. 

Onsite Logistics

NAMSS provides the following A/V equipment in each meeting room:

  • Projector and Screen (16:9) ratio
  • Laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 – with audio hookup
  • Lectern Microphone
  • Lavaliere Microphone for each speaker (unless seated at a table for a panel discussion)
  • Standing Microphone for Q&A
  • Slide Advancer

Each session room will be provided with a room monitor who will assist attendees in finding a seat, hold up time cards to help you keep on track, and assist attendees with receiving CE credit for attending the session. 

Stay tuned! Additional onsite logistics information will be provided prior to the conference.

Staff Contacts

For any questions or concerns regarding sessions for the 42nd Educational Conference and Exhibition, please contact Lindsey Flick at speakers@namss.org

For any questions or concerns regarding sessions for the CVO Excellence Symposium, please contact Delana Listman at DListman@namss.org