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NAMSS provides MSPs with resources and tools to advocate for their essential role as gatekeepers of patient safety, showcase their experience, grow transformational skills, and prepare for the future of the profession and the healthcare industry to become Tomorrow’s MSP®.  Select a resource below for more information:

Credentialing By Proxy Guidebook  

The NAMSS-ATA Credentialing by Proxy Guidebook revision (released September 2022) is now exclusively available for NAMSS members! NAMSS developed this Guidebook in collaboration with the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) to help MSPs and hospitals navigate the credentialing process for remote/telemedicine services.


Medical Services Professional (MSP) New Hire Onboarding Checklist 

The MSP New Hire Onboarding Checklist has been created to serve as a helpful tool and reference guide and is available for free to NAMSS Members. Credentialing guidelines and verifications will need to be aligned with your regulatory body requirements and organization’s policies and procedures.
This checklist can be customized based on:

  • Your facility needs
  • Expectations for the newly hired position
  • Credentialing experience of your new hire.

Responsibilities may vary depending on the size of your organization or department as well as your specific work setting. 

Quality Toolkit

NAMSS' Quality Toolkit for MSPs provides guidance to help increase the profession’s familiarity with existing policies and processes for assessing quality as well as opportunities MSPs have within their organizations to take leadership roles in quality assessment. While quality measurement can be challenging to perfect, MSPs’ skillsets and perspectives make them valuable contributors to these efforts. This Toolkit provides insight on current challenges and guidance for navigating these challenges so MSPs can make meaningful contributions to their organizations’ quality-assessment processes.

Hospital-Merger Toolkit

The NAMSS Hospital-Merger Toolkit is a resource for Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) provides MSPs guidance on the unique opportunities have in a hospital merger or acquisition. The Toolkit provides guidance on the decisions, responsibilities, and protocol MSPs should take to help ensure a transitioning hospital meets federal/state/accrediting compliance standards at its launch. Transitioning hospitals provide many leadership opportunities for MSPs. This Toolkit outlines these opportunities and helps equip MSPs with the knowledge and confidence they need to take advantage of these opportunities—for their careers and for the safety and well-being of patients.  

Hospital Closures Toolkit 

The NAMSS Hospital Closure Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that provides MSPs a roadmap for capturing and protecting practitioner data during a hospital closure. Learn more about NAMSS Hospital Closure Toolkit and the critical role MSPs have in preserving practitioner data during a hospital closure from NAMSS Government Relations Liaison and Toolkit lead author, Diane Meldi, MBA, CPCS, CPMSM.  Contact with questions. 

New-Hospital Toolkit

The NAMSS New-Hospital Toolkit is a resource for Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) involved in developing and launching a new hospital. The Toolkit provides guidance on the decisions, responsibilities, and protocol MSPs should take to help ensure a new hospital meets federal/state regulations and accreditation standards, and structures itself to provide the best care possible to the community. MSPs play a critical role in a new hospital’s development. Their early involvement can help ensure a new hospital’s practitioner-credentialing process follows best practices and enables MSPs to work at the tops of their scopes.

Defining Tomorrow’s MSP®: The Future of the Medical Services Profession Report (Updated)

Defining Tomorrow’s MSP®: The Future of the Medical Services Profession Report is a tool designed to equip you with the resources you need to become the voice of our field. In it, you will find:

  • Background on the profession
  • Responsibilities of MSPs
  • Core functions of the profession
  • Skillsets by years of experience
  • Drivers of change
  • Professional goals of the MSP
  • The future of the profession

Tomorrow's MSP® Job Description Builder (New)

This new tool helps MSPs develop accurate job descriptions for open positions within their departments. The NAMSS Job Description Builder features suggested qualifications, responsibilities by core function, and knowledge areas. Reference this resource and adapt the information listed to meet the needs of your own department and organization. This is a members-only resource. (Must log in to access)

Advocacy Toolkit  

Defining Tomorrow’s MSP®: The Future of the Medical Services Profession Report Advocacy Toolkit can help you speak up about the important role MSPs play in the delivery of quality healthcare as the gatekeepers of patient safety. Download the Advocacy Toolkit to find:

  • Talking points to guide crucial conversations
  • Sample communications tailored for different audiences
  • Shareable graphics (email signature and social media graphics)
  • Five simple steps to becoming an advocate
  • Additional resources to help you along the way

The future is coming. Will you be ready? Visit our Tomorrow’s MSP® advocacy resources page to learn more about how you can prepare for the future of the profession and become Tomorrow’s MSP today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have questions about NAMSS, the role of the MSP, and how to use the Defining Tomorrow’s MSP®: The Future of the Medical Services Profession Report? Reference our Frequently Asked Questions guide as you navigate your career as an MSP.

MSP Recruitment Toolkit

As a member of the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), you know the value of Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) and NAMSS. To help you share your enthusiasm with your colleagues and future MSPs, we’ve created an MSP Profession Recruitment Toolkit of materials to introduce the industry and the association. Each of these resources can be downloaded and saved to your computer for future use.

Managed Care Toolkit  

The Managed Care Toolkit provides individuals new to managed care the resources needed to succeed in the daily operations of their new environment. In this toolkit, individuals will find a roadmap to leadership success, credentialing metrics, resources for credentialing and primary source verification, credentialing job descriptions, and managed care definitions, resources, and acronyms. It is NAMSS’ intent that this toolkit will not only be useful for individuals in managed care but for all individuals in the profession wanting to develop a deeper understanding of the credentialing specificities required within varying healthcare environments. 

The Managed Care Resource Toolkit was developed and vetted by the NAMSS Membership Committee’s Managed Care Subcommittee.

Disclaimer: The resources and templates contained in this toolkit are not endorsed by any accreditation organization. Users of this toolkit should refer to the appropriate accreditation standards, local and federal regulations, and facility policies for any specific guidance. This toolkit is simply a set of guidelines to assist those using it in creating their own tools.


NAMSS and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently hosted an hour-long informational webinar on FSMB's Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. This information is being provided to all NAMSS members and non-members alike to educate MSPs about the Compact, and how to advocate for it.

Hosting a NAMSS Education Program

 NAMSS now provides you with the opportunity to host a live course at the state and local level either in-person OR virtually! Choose from one of several courses aimed at enhancing your members' self-advocacy and awareness, providing the fundamentals of credentialing, or preparing for a NAMSS Certification exam. Read more about how to host a NAMSS course in your state and sign up today!

Additional MSP Resources

Credentialing Data Dictionary

Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training (VGMET) Form

Industry Resource List

MSP Profession Recruitment Toolkit


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