The Certified Professional Medical Services Management (CPMSM®) is typically employed or contracted by a healthcare organization including, but not limited to, hospitals (health systems), health plans, ambulatory care settings, group practices or credentialing verification organizations.

A CPMSM is an integral part of a credentialing team whose responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies;
  • Developing and implementing credentialing/privileging processes and procedures;
  • Developing and implementing provider enrollment processes and procedures;
  • Overseeing development of and adherence to:
    • governance bylaws;
    • department rules and regulations; and
    • policies pertaining to medical staff, practitioner/provider, and the organization

Why Earn Your CPMSM Certification?

Certification by NAMSS puts you in the driver’s seat: It increases your potential for advancement in any healthcare environment and indicates to your supervisor(s) and accreditation surveyors that you are an expert in the field, enhancing your value and job security.

Here are some other reasons for medical services managers to seek certification by NAMSS:

  • By achieving a CPMSM certification, you gain respect from physicians and medical staff leaders validating your experience in the management of medical services.
  • The knowledge necessary for certification as a CPMSM may require experience beyond your current healthcare environment. By increasing your breadth of knowledge, you increase your marketability, should you choose to seek new employment.
  • Certificants with the CPMSM designation have proven their in-depth knowledge of medical staff bylaws, hospital procedures and standards, management processes and accreditation standards, policies and procedures, which will help them communicate better with physicians and all key stakeholders.

CPMSM Examination Eligibility Requirements

At the time of application, the candidate must be currently employed in the medical service profession for at least 12 consecutive months within the last 24 AND have a total of five years’ experience in the medical services profession within the past eight years. 

The CCN does not develop, administer, sponsor, endorse, or financially benefit from any type of exam review, preparatory course or published materials related to the content of the certification examinations. The purchase and/or use of any exam preparation material does not guarantee a passing score on the exam.

CPMSM Practice Test

CPMSM Exam Content Outline

NCCA Accreditation: NAMSS certifications are the only NCCA accredited certifications for the medical services profession. By holding an accredited certification, you are demonstrating to your employer, the MSP community, and to yourself that you have the skills and knowledge required to complete your job as defined by the leading authority in the credentialing industry. 

Consider renewing or applying for a NAMSS membership prior to applying for the exam to receive the NAMSS member rate. If you do not renew or apply before submitting your application, you will not be eligible for the NAMSS member rate.

Apply for the CPMSM Exam

NOTICE: As a reminder, NAMSS is no longer mailing printed paper certificates. Digital badges and a PDF certificate are available via Credly for new and renewal certificants. Learn more.

CPMSM® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a service mark of National Association Medical Staff Services.