NAMSS PASS™ is a secure, online database that provides quick, easy, and inexpensive access to the affiliation history of the practitioners you credential and is the first and only universal resource for tracking practitioner affiliation history.

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Top 5 Things you need to know about NAMSS PASS™

  • NAMSS PASS™ will save you time! 
    • You or your staff can immediately print good standing letters on contributing hospital letterhead, if a letter for that practitioner is available. 
  • NAMSS PASS™ is not credentialing software. 
    • It is a centralized data repository of primary source practitioner affiliation information. In fact, NAMSS PASS' Electronic Connectivity Program (ECP) is designed to help health care entities (HCE) and vendors connect their credentialing-related software systems to the NAMSS PASS database. Learn more about the ECP.
  • It is absolutely FREE to create an account and upload your data. 
    • NAMSS is committed to improving patient safety and it will always be free to create an account and upload your practitioners’ data.  
  • NAMSS has established a national definition for good standing. 
    • Credentialing entities all want and need “good standing” letters, but the industry has never developed a common understanding of what that means – until NAMSS PASS™.
  • Participation in NAMSS PASS™ does NOT require additional agreements/releases from the practitioners you credential. 
    • NAMSS PASS™ is a tool to streamline sharing of affiliation history and good standing letters, which you are already doing. Your practitioners have most likely already given their permission to share this information.