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What is an MSP?  

Medical Services Professionals are responsible for the credentialing and recredentialing of all physicians and allied health practitioners--making sure that your doctor is who they claim to be and that they have the proper qualifications and credentials to care for patients. MSPs maintain databanks to track physician training, experience, and licensure, as well as manage an accredited continuing medical education (CME) program to help physicians maintain their clinical competency. 

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New to the Field

1. Credentialing 100 – Online Course

  • A precursor to Credentialing 101, this course is designed for MSPs new to the field of credentialing. Typically, new MSPs learn their jobs on the fly, but in an era of new technologies, complex legal issues, updated processes, and multiple key players, the profession, regardless of someone’s stage in their professional lifecycle, has become much more complex. This interactive course addresses the basic aspects of credentialing and explains why they are important, helping those new to the profession understand the value of their role and its impact on their medical setting. In Credentialing 100, participants will explore medical staff credentialing services in today’s diverse healthcare industry. They will learn the fundamentals of their profession, discovering the Who, What, Where and Why of credentialing and the essential role credentialing professionals play in patient safety and ensuring a quality healthcare experience. Please note: This online course is designed as entirely virtual module. While it does include additional resources that you can print out, the course material is not printable.

2. Credentialing 101 – Live Course - ( Virtual or In-Person)

  • This course will present the foundational elements of credentialing in an acute care (hospital) setting with a primary focus on the CMS regulatory standards and The Joint Commission accreditation standards, as well as how and when to apply them. This course is a must-attend for anyone new to the field and is an excellent refresher for current MSPs who want to enhance their knowledge of credentialing. 

3. MSP Roles and Responsibilities - Online Course

  • The healthcare environment has become increasingly diverse and complex with new technologies and an increasing variety of legal requirements. Designed for medical services professionals (MSP) who are new to the profession, this on-demand online course explores how the MSP role has evolved in recent years. Participants will examine their responsibilities from numerous points of view in medical settings, pinpointing the challenges, opportunities, and key issues involved in the job. Upon completing this course, MSPs will learn how to clearly articulate who they are and how their work impacts the medical environment. MSP Roles and Responsibilities explores the natural synergies of CVOs, hospitals, and managed care organizations. Participants will examine how each player interacts, defining the roles, partnerships, and possible conflicts that may arise.

4. CPCS® Exam Preparation - In-person, Virtual  & On-demand Options

  • Now that you've been an MSP for a while, are you ready to become a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS®)?  A CPCS® is typically employed or contracted by a healthcare organization including, but not limited to, hospitals (health systems), health plans, ambulatory care settings, group practices, and credentialing verification organizations.  A CPCS is an integral part of a credentialing team. You can learn more about what it takes to become CPCS® Certified here

NAMSS currently offers a variety of printable, online, and live facilitated programs aimed at helping candidates study for an exam.*

*The CCN does not develop, administer, sponsor, endorse, or financially benefit from any type of exam review, preparatory course or published materials related to the content of the certification examinations. The purchase and/or use of any exam preparation material does not guarantee a passing score on the exam.

5. NAMSS Comparison of Accreditation Standards

  • Have you ever been confused by what an accreditation standard is actually asking you to do? The NAMSS Comparison of Accreditation Standards can help, providing you with “plain-language” interpretations of the credentialing standards for The Joint Commission, NCQA, Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, DNV, URAC, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, as well as the Medicare Conditions of Participation. The comparison presents each of these interpretations in a side-by-side format so you can compare the requirements of each agency. This resource is great for those new to the field of credentialing who are starting to learn more about the standards. *This resource is published as an online document. It will be available and printable from the NAMSS Online Education Center. This product will not be shipped to you.

6. NAMSS Glossary of Terms

  • The NAMSS Interactive Glossary is the comprehensive listing of more than 300 terms, definitions and organizational acronyms that are fundamental to those working in the medical staff services profession. This easily accessible reference is available both online and as a downloadable PDF

Experienced Young Professionals

1. CPMSM® Exam Preparation - In-person, Virtual & On-demand Options

  • The Certified Professional Medical Services Management (CPMSM®) is typically employed or contracted by a healthcare organization including, but not limited to, hospitals (health systems), health plans, ambulatory care settings, group practices, or credentialing verification organizations.  A CPMSM is an integral part of a credentialing team whose responsibilities include but are not limited to: Maintaining compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies; Developing and implementing credentialing/privileging processes and procedures; Developing and implementing provider enrollment processes and procedures; Overseeing development of and adherence to Governance bylaws; Department rules and regulations; and Policies pertaining to medical staff, practitioner/provider, and the organization. You can learn more about what it takes to become CPMSM® Certified here

2. Leadership Certificate Program

  • The demand for leaders within the medical services profession is on the rise. If you are ready to take on a leadership role within your work place, the NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program will get you there. Through a series of both live and online courses, this new program allows MSPs dedicated to the field to expand on their experiences and gain the skills, confidence, and industry understanding to be stronger leaders within the industry.

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