Getting Started

Get NAMSS Certified and show your employers, peers, and the industry you are dedicated to your profession, career, and most importantly being a gatekeeper of patient safety. Holding your CPCS and/or CPMSM provides employers and the public with the assurance that you are a certified individual with the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise in provider credentialing or medical services management. 

The NAMSS certification program establishes industry standards and serves as a comprehensive measure of knowledge in the field. NAMSS certifications are for individuals typically employed or contracted by a healthcare organization including, but not limited to, hospitals (health systems), health plans, ambulatory care settings, group practices, and credentialing verification organizations. 

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Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist

Certified Professional Medical Services Management

2021 Candidate Handbook


The most important value I gained from
achieving and maintaining certification is
the effect it has on my confidence in my
knowledge when giving guidance to my
peers, physicians, and/or administration.
confidence has enabled me to been
seen as a valuable resource.”


Goals of Certification 
The NAMSS certification program aspires to the following goals for provider credentialing and medical services management: 

  1. To promote industry standards, and to provide a means to verify professional knowledge in the field of provider credentialing and medical services management.
  2. To distinguish those professionals who demonstrate an established level of knowledge and expertise in the field, and to provide prospective healthcare employers with a means to identify qualified candidates for provider credentialing or medical services management positions. 
  3. To provide the opportunity for personal validation of professional competency. 
  4. To raise awareness of and professionalize the positions in the field of provider credentialing and medical services management, and to acknowledge a commitment to the public to foster quality healthcare delivery. 
  5. To enhance knowledge and skill through continuing education and recertification requirements.

Why get certified? 
Learn more about what it means to be NAMSS certified and why you should consider pursuing your CPCS or CPMSM

Frequently Asked Questions
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