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As a member of NAMSS, you join an association of more than 6,000 Medical Staff Professionals (MSPs) and Credentialers from across the country, and receive access to valuable networking resources, certification opportunities, and discounts on education offerings.

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NAMSS members have access to a number of valuable benefits, including:

Education: Taking advantage of the latest learning opportunities through the NAMSS Annual Conference, webinars, and online programming through the Online CE Center – all at a discount— or free— to members! Starting in 2020, all live webinars are free to members.

Networking: Connect with other MSPs who can answer your questions and provide you with invaluable insights through the NAMSS discussion forum or the online member directory

Marketing Materials: Access materials that promote National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week and educate others about the value and importance of MSPs. Visit the NAMSS Store to purchase National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week promotional items to share with your staff or keep for yourself!

Government Relations and Advocacy: Be part of a compelling, collective voice on regulatory and legislative issues, and stay up-to-date on important federal and state legislation and news that affects the medical staff services community through our Regulatory Updates page.

Shared Resources: Review or post documents to the NAMSS discussion forum relating to standards, regulations, and other newsworthy items, including sample forms and templates.

Recognition through Certification: Receive industry-wide recognition by achieving certification as a CPCS or CPMSM – credentials that demonstrate your expertise and competence to perform in today’s complex medical credentialing environment.

Industry Information: Keep up with the latest issues and industry information that affect MSPs through member-only publications such as Synergy and NAMSS' monthly e-newsletter, Gateway.

Leadership Opportunities: Grow personally and professionally, and gain a broader view of the depth and vision for the organization by taking on a leadership role.

NAMSS Online Mentorship Program: The mentoring program is designed for everyone! If you need help studying for the CPCS or CPMSM, mastering a new skill or growing your career, use the NAMSS mentorship program to seek a mentor. Or, if you're an experienced MSP looking to pay it forward, sign up to be a mentor! 

Career Resources: Find or advertise new employment opportunities through the NAMSS Online Career Center.

NAMSS PASS™: Take advantage of NAMSS' Practitioner Affiliation Sharing Service (PASS) – a secure, online database that provides quick, easy, and inexpensive access to practitioner affiliation history.


Active Members: Individuals actively involved in credentialing, privileging, practitioner or provider organizations and/or regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry.

Affiliate Members: Former active members and/or other professionals in associated industries* who do not/no longer meet the criteria for active membership, including full-time students enrolled in a health-related field, and retired persons from the credentialing profession.
*Members of AHLA qualify for the Affiliate Member category.

Vendor Members: Individuals, companies, or organizations that regularly distribute, supply, or sell products or services to NAMSS members or their employers that directly compete with NAMSS’ products and services. Vendor Membership is purchased on an individual basis for individuals of a vendor company.

Need to request dues funding from your supervisor or facility? Click here to print out a customizable Membership Justification letter.

Here are some of the most common questions about membership and answers to help guide you.

What membership types are available?  

  •  Active Membership
  •  Affiliate Membership

  How much does membership cost and when does it begin and end? 

  • Active Membership: $185 per calendar year (January 1–December 31)
    • Anyone joining from January - June will pay $185 and their membership will end December 31
    • Anyone joining from July 1 - September 30 will pay $295 and their membership will end December 31 of the following year
    • Anyone joining from October 1 - December 31 will pay $240 and their membership will end December 31 of the following year 
  • Affiliate Membership: $110 per calendar year (January 1–December 31)
    • Anyone joining from January–June will pay $110 and their membership will end December 31
    • Anyone joining from July 1–September 30 will pay $180 and their membership will end December 31 of the following year
    • Anyone joining from October 1–December 31 will pay $145 and their membership will end December 31 of the following year

What are the benefits of membership? 

Visit our Member Resources page to read about all that comes with joining NAMSS.

How do I recover my member login information? 

Please contact the NAMSS Executive Office at with a request to rest your password.

How does NAMSS membership affect NAMSS CPCS/CPMSM certification? 

NAMSS Membership and CPCS/CPMSM Certification are two separate programs offered by NAMSS. To become certified with NAMSS, you do not need to become a member (though there is a significant discount on the certification fees). After you become certified as a CPCS or CPMSM, you do not automatically become a NAMSS member. Likewise, NAMSS members do not automatically qualify to become certified. Visit the Certification page to learn more about NAMSS Certifications.