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In this age of digitalization, all sectors of the healthcare arena are experiencing disruptions from technology and innovation. With this change comes the pressing need for a professional evolution—an evolution of the MSP.




MSPs are the gatekeepers of patient safety, ensuring quality care through the credentialing and privileging of healthcare providers in an ever-changing industry. MSPs must be ready to innovate and adapt to new responsibilities, motivated to expand our knowledge, and most importantly focused on the future of patient safety.

NAMSS believes in the longevity, importance and relevance of the MSP profession and pledges to stand by you, to assist MSPs in future-proofing your careers with more competencies, more resources, more networking opportunities, and more ways to learn.

What is NAMSS Doing?

NEW Through a survey to the membership this spring, NAMSS verified that the core competencies MSPs need to perform their job before the pandemic have not changed, and those core competencies vital to job functions in 2019 are still essential today.  The survey did bring to light that the MSP role has expanded to account for remote processing, managing remote employees, overall staff professionalism and wellness, and much more.

With this new information, NAMSS has updated its Defining Tomorrow’s MSP®: The Future of the Medical Services Profession Report to better articulate the MSP role and account for the most current information available on the profession. The report provides fresh insights on core functions, and features new sections on the landscape’s drivers of change and professional goals of MSPs.

NAMSS has also created a new tool to help MSPs develop accurate job descriptions for open positions within their departments. The NAMSS Job Description Builder is an exclusive member resource that features suggested qualifications, responsibilities by core function and knowledge areas. Reference this resource and adapt the information included to meet the needs of your own department and organization.

You are Tomorrow’s MSP! 

Click on the links below to view and download The Future of the Medical Services Profession Report and Fact Sheet.

  • Moving forward, NAMSS will educate our members and relevant stakeholders on the need to stay competent, qualified, and relevant in the ever-changing healthcare environment.
  • NAMSS will introduce new tools, programs and resources to assist YOU – TOMORROW’S MSP.
  • Research and development continues and YOU will have a chance to participate in this process.
  • Stay tuned and watch for more NAMSS announcements on this important initiative! 

Tomorrow's MSP Downloads

Tomorrow’s MSP Poster – Hang the Tomorrow’s MSP poster up in your office and showcase the future of your department and the profession!

Postcard – Write an inspiring message to an employee and send a Tomorrow's MSP postcard to a fellow MSP you met at the NAMSS Educational Conference & Convention. Download the Tomorrow’s MSP postcard to share Tomorrow’s MSP with your peers.

Tomorrow's MSP Zoom Background - Enhance your meetings with the Tomorrow's MSP Zoom Background and show that you are prepared for the future of patient safety and your career as an MSP.  To add your Tomorrow’s MPS virtual background to Zoom, save the file to your Downloads folder. Launch Zoom and open Settings. Select Virtual Background. On this screen, use the + icon to add the image from your downloads. If your image is reversed when you add it to Zoom, make sure to deselect “mirror my video” under your Video settings.

Tomorrow’s MSP Podcast – The Tomorrow’s MSP Podcast serves as a new medium where medical services professionals and industry experts can contribute their voices about popular topics, including the impacts of artificial intelligence, MSP core competencies, department advocacy, leadership and more. Through this new podcast, NAMSS takes insights to the airwaves as part of its ongoing pledge to ensure members stay current in their education in order to become Tomorrow’s MSP.

MSP Minute – The MSP Minute video series offers bite-sized perspectives from MSPs on a variety of trending topics. These short videos contribute to NAMSS’ comprehensive content platform to help MSPs evolve in a changing industry and stay informed in order to become Tomorrow’s MSP.


YOU are the future! NAMSS pledges to stand by you, because together we can build our tomorrow.


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