The MS.01.01.01 Guidebook

Stay Ahead of the Curve with the MS.01.01.01 Guidebook

An Online Resource Published by the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA)

After months of industry dialogue and debate, The Joint Commission adopted a new, final Medical Staff Standard, MS.01.01.01, with an implementation date of March 31, 2011. That date is fast approaching, and only months remain for health lawyers to asses what changes in rules and bylaws are necessary to bring their clients into compliance with this new standard.

Authored by one of the pre-eminent experts on medical staff issues, S. Allan Adelman, Esq., and his colleagues Timothy Adelman, Esq. and Ann O'Connell, Esq., the MS.01.01.01 Guidebook is designed to provide you with all the interpretations, analysis, and practical advice you need to meet the requirements of this new standard. The guide distills much of the commentary and discussion about the standard and provides samples of bylaw provisions addressing the requirements of MS.01.01.01.

In particular, the guide contains sample bylaw text addressing the requirements of the various Elements of Performance, including:

  • Amendment of Bylaws
  • Conflict Management
  • General Requirements, Criteria, and Qualifications for Medical Staff Membership
  • Medical Staff Categories
  • Selection, Election, and Removal of Medical Staff Officers
  • Function, Size, and Composition of the Medical Executive Committee
  • Applications for Medical Staff Membership
  • Role of the Credentials Committee
  • Automatic Suspension or Termination of Medical Staff Membership
  • Summary Action
  • Grounds for Corrective Action

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