2017 roundtable: building blocks for the future

NAMSS held its 4th annual industry roundtable, titled “Building Blocks for the Future” on Thursday, May 18 at The Westin in Alexandria, VA. This year’s discussion shifted the format of past roundtables to focus on blockchain technology, which was gaining traction as a potentially transformative technology that could have significant implications for credentialing. NAMSS presented an overview of blockchain and some potential applications for the credentialing process, and pledged to work in tandem with industry partners to monitor the development and evolution of blockchain technology in the healthcare space.

This year’s roundtable was a fascinating dive into a newly emergent, innovative technology that is making waves in the healthcare industry and beyond. Participants explored the pros and cons of adopting blockchain applications into the credentialing process, and emphasized the importance of a well-maintained governance structure for any new credentialing application. NAMSS looks forward to continuing to working with industry partners towards a stronger, more efficient, and more streamlined credentialing process.

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