2018 Roundtable: The Future of Digital Credentialing

NAMSS held its 5th annual industry roundtable, titled “The Future of Digital Credentialing” on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at the Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington, DC. This year’s discussion focused on digital credentialing, or the wide range of new and emerging technologies that could be used to streamline the credentialing process and cut down on inefficiencies. Digital credentialing technologies present an exciting opportunity for the healthcare industry, but need to be addressed with a keen eye towards potential obstacles and pitfalls. 

The 2018 roundtable marked the beginning of a new conversation around disruptive technology and its impact on credentialing. The discussion was thoughtful, engaging, and productive, and NAMSS will continue to work with the roundtable participants and industry stakeholders to create and implement process guidelines, governance, and best practices that will be needed as technology continues to develop.

Download the Roundtable Report