NAMSS-ATA Credentialing by Proxy Guide

NAMSS is pleased to introduce the NAMSS-ATA Credentialing by Proxy Guidebook, a resource for navigating the credentialing process for practitioners providing remote/telemedicine services. The Guidebook includes a standardized Glossary of Terms, an overview of the existing credentialing process with a focus on telemedicine providers, a review of existing laws and regulations around telemedicine credentialing, a set of guidelines for creating a credentialing by proxy program, and a review of hurdles and potential solutions institutions often encounter with credentialing by proxy.

The Guidebook is the result of a multi-year collaboration between NAMSS and American Telemedicine Association (ATA). In 2017, NAMSS staff and ATA staff convened a joint task force of NAMSS and ATA members to develop a credentialing by proxy guide. Credentialing by proxy is relatively new process by which hospitals using remote practitioners for telemedicine services can accept the remote hospital’s credentialing work, rather than requiring the full traditional credentialing process for practitioners who may never step foot into that facility.

NAMSS and ATA will continue to collaborate to provide resources that facilitate efficient and effective credentialing for institutions and practitioners providing or using telemedicine services. The NAMSS-ATA Credentialing by Proxy Guidebook reflects the current process and credentialing by proxy landscape. NAMSS and ATA will continue to work together to update the Guidebook as necessary and will review the Guidebook on a regular basis to ensure it reflects industry updates.

NAMSS would like to thank the following NAMSS members for their work on the NAMSS-ATA Credentialing by Proxy Guidebook Task Force: 

LouAnn Brindle, MSN, RN, CPCS, CPMSM
Susan Diaz, CPCS, CPMSM
Beth Erwin, CPCS, CPMS
Becky Findley, CPMSM, CPCS, FMSP
Geneva Harris, CPCS, CPMSM
Lisa "L.J." Jones, CPCS
Judy Lentz, CPMSM, CPCS
Diane Meldi, MBA, CPCS, CPMSM
Kathy Risch
Linda Waldorf

Please contact Molly Giammarco, NAMSS Senior Manager for Policy and Government Relations, with any questions on the Guidebook.

Click Here to Download the NAMSS-ATA Credentialing by Proxy Guide