Milestone Certificants

The Certification Commission of NAMSS (CCN) is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of our milestone certificants who have demonstrated the highest level of excellence and commitment to the medical services profession.

Since the inception of the CPMSM certification in 1981 over 40 years ago, NAMSS has had the pleasure of awarding thousands of certifications. We honor the medical staff professionals who have maintained their CPMSM certification for more than 30+ years, marking a significant milestone in their careers. 

Additionally, NAMSS introduced the CPCS certification in 1996 and we commend the CPCS certificants who have reached their 20-year milestone certification.

The CCN is proud to acknowledge all distinguished certificant’s hard work and dedication to maintain your certification(s). Congratulations to all milestone certificants!

CPCS Milestone Certificants

CPMSM Milestone Certificants

*This page will be updated annually to recognize the certificants who have achieved their 20, 30, or 40 milestone certifications.