Recertification Resources

Recertification Process »

When does the recertification application open?
The recertification application will open on August 1 of your renewal year. However, we recommend keeping your CE records as organized as possible in between recertification cycles to expedite the process.

I clicked on the Recertification Application link and nothing came up.
Your certification may be tied to another account under your name. Please attempt to access the application with an alternate email address. If you continue to have trouble, contact certification@namss.org.

How do I know if I’m due to recertify?
You are due for recertification if you initially certified in any of the years listed here.

Per the Recertification Guidelines, certificants are solely responsible for being aware of their certification expiration date. Any communication by NAMSS is a courtesy, and lack of awareness is not sufficient grounds for an appeal.

Please make sure your email address is up to date in our system at all times. We strongly suggest using a personal email, as many business emails firewall our notifications. Certificants are solely responsible for ensuring that current contact information is on file at the NAMSS Executive Office and for meeting stated deadlines. Failure to maintain current contact information with the NAMSS office is not deemed sufficient grounds for appeal of certification expiration.

How many CE credits do I need to recertify?
If you are a single certificant, you must report at least 30 CE credits, 15 of which much be NAMSS approved. If you are a dual certificant, you must report at least 45 CE credits, 25 of which must be NAMSS approved.

Certification Total Credits Required NAMSS Approved Credits (minimum)
CPCS Only 30 15
CPCSM Only 30 15
Dual Certification 45 25

I became a dual certificant since my last recertification. Do I need to submit 45 credits?
If you are recertifying as a dual certificant for the first time this year, you are only required to have 30 credits. If you have 45 or more, please enter them into the system. If you have 30 and need the NAMSS Certification Team to edit your account, please reach out at certification@namss.org.

Are there any exceptions to the CE requirement due to COVID-19?
Due to the availability of virtual continuing education activities, there are no exceptions to the required number of CEUs for recertification candidates.

What is the deadline to submit my recertification application?
The deadline to submit your recertification application without a late fee is December 1 of your renewal year. You may still submit your application with an additional late fee of $50 until December 31 of your renewal year.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) »

What is the official recertification cycle this year?
You may submit any CE credits earned between December 2, 2019 and December 1, 2022. If you became newly certified in 2019, you may submit any credits earned after your initial certification date.

Can you show me how many CEs I have earned so far?
While NAMSS does provide CE certificates for all our CE-eligible programs, we do not track which conferences, live webinars, etc. you have attended. It is the sole responsibility of the certificant to keep track of continuing education hours. 

If you are missing any CE certificates for a live webinar or live NAMSS conference or Virtual Course you have attended, please email education@namss.org and we can check our records to provide you with a copy of the CE certificate.

If you have purchased any online education in the NAMSS Education Zone (previously known as “the Online Learning Center”), you can view the online program CE certificates on your Education Zone account Dashboard. Click “Transcripts/Achievements” at the top of the page to view all the CE you have earned within the Education Zone.

I think I am missing CE certificates from a NAMSS Conference or webinar.
Please contact education@namss.org to request copies of missing CEs.

Where can I find suitable CE activities?
Please refer to the NAMSS Education page to explore continuing education opportunities. NAMSS offers dozens of webinar recordings, conference recordings, Synergy and The Tomorrow’s MSP Podcast quizzes, as well as online courses that are all eligible for NAMSS-approved CE. Your employer may also offer opportunities to participate in continuing education activities.

How do I know if a continuing education activity I participated in was NAMSS approved?
NAMSS Approved credits are those that have been sponsored directly by NAMSS or pre-approved by NAMSS for credit. All NAMSS Approved credits have a NAMSS-approved CE certificate with the NAMSS logo at the top.

Does this activity count as non-NAMSS CEU?
Please click here to view a general guideline of determining whether an activity is eligible for non-NAMSS CE.

What should I list as the location for a virtual activity?
For virtual programs, please use the city and state from which you accessed the digital program as the location for the activity. 

Recertification Payments »

Have you received my check payment?
To check on the status of a check payment, please email info@namss.org with the check number, amount, and purpose of the payment.

My employer is paying my recertification fee by check. Will I be considered late if the check is not received by December 1?
As long as the check is dated on or before December 1 of your renewal year, you will not be considered a late applicant. If you are submitting your application after December 1, we strongly suggest paying by credit card and submitting for reimbursement from your employer to ensure your application is processed before the holidays.

What is the status of my recertification application?
Please bear in mind that the recertification application approval is a manual process. You should receive an update on your application within 3-4 weeks of NAMSS receiving your recertification fee.

When will the Good Standing Report be updated?
Please bear in mind the Good Standing Report is updated manually. If your employer needs to verify your recertification, please ask them to contact certification@namss.org.

Are recertification dues and membership dues the same?
Recertification dues are a separate cost from your NAMSS membership dues. You can be a non-member of NAMSS and still be in good standing as a certificant. For any specific questions on membership, contact info@namss.org.

When will I receive a copy of my updated certificate?
Please note that NAMSS is no longer issuing hard copies of updated certificates. All recertifying candidates will receive a digital copy of their new certificate through Credly, which can be printed.

Extensions »

When is my deadline to request a recertification extension, and how do I do so?
You have until the end of the business day on December 1, 2022 to request an extension. To formally request an extension, please submit at least half of your required CE certificates to certification@namss.org. CE tracking tables will not be accepted. All extensions are subject to audit and a $50 fee. No extension requests will be considered after December 1, 2022.

How long is my extension?
Once approved for an extension, you will have until June 1, 2023 to submit your remaining CEs to renew your certification.

I have earned my remaining CE certificates. How do I complete my recertification application?
Please email your remaining certificates to certification@namss.org. Once received, NAMSS will manually place the recertification invoice into your account. CE trackers will not be accepted in place of the certificates themselves.

Other Questions »

What if I didn’t receive a notification that my certification was expiring?
The non-receipt of a recertification notice does not waive the requirement and will not serve as basis for an appeal to expirations. All recertification communications sent by NAMSS are considered a courtesy, and it is the sole responsibility of the certificant to keep track of their recertification timeline. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date on your NAMSS profile.

How will my name appear on my certificate?
Your name will appear on your certificate exactly how it appears in your NAMSS profile. Please make sure your information is accurate to ensure your name appears correctly on your updated certificate.

What if I miss the December 31, 2022 deadline?
As of January 1 of the year following the recertification date, a certificants status will be considered to have lapsed if the CEUs and recertification payment have not been received. All expired certificants will receive correspondence noting that they are no longer certified and may no longer use the CPCS and/or CPMSM designation.

A grace period for expired certificants will be allowed for a period of six months from the initial recertification date. To reinstate a certification, the candidate must have earned the required amount of CEUs during their recertification period. Candidates for reinstatement will be required to provide documentation of all CEUs to the NAMSS Executive Office, pay the recertification fee, and pay a $100 reinstatement fee.

For reinstatement after six months past the initial expiration date, a candidate must apply as a new candidate and pass the exam.