Hosting A NAMSS Education Program


CPCS Hosting Interest Application

CPMSM Hosting Interest Application

During each course participants will work through a series of interactive activities including scenario-based exercises and case studies supplemented with in-class learning facilitated by experienced NAMSS instructors. A key focus of the course is your development of a personalized study plan for post-workshop study and preparation to take the examination. The course includes pre-workshop preparation materials which you will need to complete prior to class and access to comprehensive supplementary resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Credentialing 101

Credentialing 101 Hosting Interest Application

A revamp of the former popular program by the same name, this course will present the foundational elements of  credentialing combined with information on the accreditation standards, as well as how and when to apply them. This course is a must-attend for anyone new to the field and is an excellent refresher for current MSPs who want to enhance their knowledge of credentialing. The course includes access to comprehensive supplementary resources.

Leadership Certificate Program - In-Person Course  

Leadership Certificate Program In-Person Course Hosting Interest Application

The NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program In-person Course is designed for MSPs dedicated to the field to expand on their experiences and gain the skills, confidence, and industry understanding to be stronger leaders within the industry. A continuation of the online portion of the program, the in-person course will focus on a variety of topics, including team leadership (continued from online module), negotiations (continued from online module), critical thinking, and communications skills. This course offers a total of 14 CE credits.

Ready to Lead  

Ready to Lead Hosting Interest Application

Previously “Becoming Your Own Advocate”, this newly updated workshop is designed for MSPs at every stage of their career. This comprehensive, interactive program will help you increase your professional credibility and achieve your goals within your organization. Learn how to a better advocate for yourself, your staff, and the safety of the patients you serve.

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