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Synergy +

Synergy, the official electronic magazine of NAMSS, provides information that directly impacts today’s medical services professional. Published six times a year, Synergy is the source MSPs go to when searching for best practices and tools that will help them in their jobs. NAMSS members and experts in the field write Synergy articles that address the challenges members face in the healthcare environment, including legal matters and applications of processes.

Read Synergy Online: Access past issues online and read about best practices to enhance your medical environment.

Purchase Synergy Quizzes: Each issue of Synergy includes an article and online quiz good for 1.0 CE credit. The online quiz can be purchased on the online store by members and non-members (members receive a discount).

Author Submission Guidelines: Share best practices with other MSPs. Learn about the required specifications and guidelines for drafting your article, including articles recommended for CE credit.

Advertise in Synergy: Whether you are a state affiliate with an upcoming event or a member offering consulting services, advertising with Synergy offers a low-cost, high-return investment.

Letters to the Editor: Send to Synergy Letters, 2025 M St., NW, #800, Washington, DC 20036, fax (202) 367-2196, or e-mail Include a return address and daytime phone number. We reserve the right to edit all letters. All published letters become property of Synergy.

NAMSS Strategic Plan

Click here to download the NAMSS 2015–2018 Strategic Plan to view goals and activities.

NAMSS Year in Review

Click here to read NAMSS’ Executive Director’s Annual Report on NAMSS’ activities and financial health.

Online Membership Directory

Connect with other MSPs to build and expand your network. Search for members by name, state, or company. Click here to go to the Membership Directory.

Discussion Forum

The NAMSS Discussion Forum is a members-only resource designed to encourage networking and idea-sharing among NAMSS members in all realms of medical staff services and credentialing. Please note that as a user-driven resource, your inquiry may not receive a response for a long period of time. If you have a pressing question, please don't hesitate to contact your state association, Director at Large, or the NAMSS Executive Office. Similarly, we ask that when sharing a template or a document, you include your preferred contact information so that others may request your file(s) directly.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in the NAMSS Discussion Forum are those of the author of each message and may not reflect the views of NAMSS.  If you have specific questions for NAMSS staff or volunteers, please e-mail those to

Please note that the content in the Archived Forums was migrated from NAMSS old website, and are unfortunately "inactive". Users may not add new posts/threads within the Archived Forums. If you'd like to start a similar/same conversation as one within the Archived Forums, please do so above.

Click here to go to the Member Forum.

Member Surveys & Resources

Click here to read the results of NAMSS-commissioned surveys and understand the impact they have on you and your job.


Mentoring Program +

The NAMSS mentoring program is designed to address the general needs of MSPs who are new to the field and are looking for basic guidance, or for those who are looking for specific assistance with the NAMSS CPCS and/or CPMSM Certification Exam(s)*.

Sign up online to become a mentor or search for one of our experienced volunteers.

*Individuals who would like to become Certification-specific Mentors must complete an additional questionnaire found below.

Become a Mentor – Earn CEs: As a NAMSS mentor, you have the opportunity to bestow valuable, real-life lessons based on your wisdom to a mentee, helping to shape their professional growth and career path. As a mentor, you will also earn up to five NAMSS-approved CE credits every 12 months.

To be a mentor, you must be able to articulate critical ideas and relevant points that lead to desired results, and also be able to manage the learning curve and allow their protégés to explore the consequences of their potential decisions. Interested? Apply to become a mentor today.

Certification-Specific Mentors: Are you certified and would like to help others become certified, too? During the online application process, please indicate that you would like to be considered for a position as a ‘Certification-specific’ mentor. Additionally, please complete the additional questionnaire that will indicate your strengths as they pertain to the exam, and upload it as a document on page two of the online process. This will allow mentees to partner with appropriate individuals.

Download the additional Certification-Specific Questionnaire

Request a Mentor: Being new to the field or accepting a new role can be challenging. Having someone with experience to ask questions of, share your thoughts and concerns with, and seek advice from is invaluable to MSPs. If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, please click here to sign up to be a mentee. We will review the information and will identify a mentor who has demonstrated expertise in the areas in which you are interested in seeking assistance/coaching.


Certification-specific Mentees: Are you looking to pass a NAMSS certification exam? During the online application process, please indicate that you are looking for a ‘Certification-specific’ mentor. Additionally, please fill out an additional questionnaire that will indicate the areas where you need the most assistance, and upload it as a document on page two of the online process. This will allow mentors to partner with appropriate mentees.

Download the additional Certification-Specific Questionnaire

Once Matched: The NAMSS Online Mentoring portal provides mentors and mentees a virtual connection to one another. Once you are matched as a mentor/mentee, please note that it is your obligation to contact one another on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. If you are a mentor, please also email Andrew Miller at to let the Executive Office know that you have begun to mentor an individual, so that CE Certificates may be properly tracked. Your pairing obligation may be accomplished via email or phone, and you will be able to indicate your preferred method of contact. Please note the following about all mentoring pairs:

  • NAMSS mentoring pairs are understood to be six-month (6) commitments or at least two Certification Exam cycles, whichever comes first. Early termination of a mentoring pair commitment will be evaluated by the mentor, mentee, and NAMSS and will generally understood to entail the passing of an exam or the fulfillment of information requested from the mentor by the mentee.
  • Mentors and mentees, especially in the case of certification exam preparation, will be given the opportunity to extend their pairing with the same mentor. However, once an official pairing has concluded, a mentee must re-enter the general pool for a mentor search.
  • NAMSS will send out three-month (3) evaluations to each mentoring pair to gauge progress and evaluate the need for early termination or extension to six months. NAMSS will also send out a six-month (6) completion evaluation and survey. It is expected that both the mentor and mentee complete these evaluations.
  • NAMSS Mentors will receive up to five (5) CE credits every 12-month period for providing their services as a mentor. The amount of credit extended will not exceed five (5) regardless of how many pairings he/she takes on.
  • Mentees will not utilize mentors for group study. Mentors will not provide assistance in a group-facilitated capacity unless explicit permission is granted by NAMSS and the mentor.
  • Any and all issues or unforseen circumstances that arise during/within a mentoring pairing will be reported to the NAMSS Administrative Offices. These include but arenot limited to medical emergencies, extended leaves of absence, and changes in career path.

Membership Referral Program +

Know an MSP who could benefit from NAMSS Membership? Refer a member today! Not only will this put you in the running to receive prizes or gain access to new educational opportunities from NAMSS, but you will also help NAMSS continue to grow and expand our membership. 


Career Center +

Looking for a new job? Access MSP listings, post your resume, or search for available positions across the country. Click here to go to the Career Center.

NAMSS Blog +

Keep up-to-date with the latest issues and industry information by reading and subscribing to the NAMSS blog. Updated frequently by an MSP, this is your inside look into what is going on in the profession. Click here to go to the NAMSS blog.



For AHLA Members: Join NAMSS today and connect with its 5,000 members who work in areas such as credentialing, privileging and other quality assurance and improvement projects based in medical group practices, hospitals, managed care organizations and credentials verification organizations. Interact directly with these experienced credentialing professionals and gain valuable insight on new regulations and standards that will affect hospitals and credentialing departments across the country.

Cost: $110


  • Access to the NAMSS Discussion Forum, Online Member Directory, and LinkedIn
  • Discounted registration for the NAMSS Annual Conference
  • Access to discounted educational opportunities, including live and recorded webinars and in-person events
  • Free subscription to Synergy, the official magazine of NAMSS published six times yearly
  • The opportunity to serve on select NAMSS committees


For NAMSS Members – Join AHLA: As a NAMSS member who joins AHLA, you benefit by having access to up-to-date relevant healthcare law information that will help you implement efficient strategies to limit liability in your organization.

Cost: $110


  • Complimentary enrollment in the Medical Staff, Credentialing, and Peer Review Practice Group (MSCPR PG), which provides members with discounts on MSCPR PG webinars, as well as free access to Roundtables and other PG member resources
  • Free subscription to AHLA Connections magazine, Health Law Daily and the AHLA Weekly, and AHLA Newsstand e-newsletters
  • Access to the MSCPR Discussion List and other discussion lists
  • Discounts on publications,  and member registration rates for in-person programs and webinars
  • Access to the AHLA job bank, membership directory, and mentoring program

To join AHLA, fax this membership form to (202) 775-2482, or call (202) 833-1100, extension #2. Visit the AHLA website to learn more.