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About the Program

The NAMSS mentorship program was established under the oversight of the Membership Committee in 2019. Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) have been endowed with a driving motivation to teach and share the knowledge they have been able to accumulate during their professional careers. The mentoring program is designed for everyone! If you need help studying for the CPCS or CPMSM, mastering a new skill or growing your career, use the NAMSS mentorship program to seek a mentor.

Sign up online now to become a mentor or search for one of our experienced volunteers! Please note that the Mentoring Program of NAMSS is a member benefit.


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Mentors share certain qualities - expertise in their chosen fields, a passion to share knowledge and wisdom, and the confidence and self-esteem to give the best of themselves to others. A mentor is a coach, a guide, an instructor, and a guru. Mentoring is about listening without judgment, questioning for clarification, and challenging for results. The focus of a mentoring relationship is specific to the expertise of the mentor to meet the needs of the mentee. The safe and collegial environment of such a relationship tends to produce excellent outcomes for both participants. As a mentor, your protégé can learn valuable real-life lessons based on your wisdom minus the pain of acquiring it.

Would you like to be a mentor? Mentors provide opportunities for their protégés to experience teachable moments and use new skills. They are able to articulate critical ideas and relevant points that lead to desired results. Mentors are able to manage the learning curve and allow their protégés to explore the consequences of their potential decisions.

Mentor Requirements:

- Must be a NAMSS Member
- Currently Working in the medical staff services field
- Have a total of 5 years experience in the field
- Must hold a supervisory role at work
- The ability to provide insights, new perspectives and guidance to fellow industry colleagues
- Must hold a CPCS or CPMSM certification if planning to be a mentor on certification


Request a Mentor

Request a Mentor Online

Being new to the field or accepting a new role can be challenging. Having someone with experience to ask questions of, share your thoughts and concerns with, and seek advice from is invaluable to Medical Services Professional’s. If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, please click the link below to sign up to be a mentee. 

Mentee Requirements:

- Must be a NAMSS member
- Interested in or currently working in the medical staff services field
- Individuals hoping to broaden their professional acumen


What Happens Next?

The NAMSS Online Mentoring portal is an online mentoring matching program that connects you to meaningful mentoring relationships. The premise is that throughout your life and career, there are times when you can benefit from the advice, guidance and support of a mentor. There are also times when you can share your expertise and experiences to guide Mentees in the right direction. Once you find a mentor or agree to take on a mentee, please note that it is your obligation to contact one another on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. 

Any and all issues or unforeseen circumstances that arise during/within a mentoring pairing will be reported to the NAMSS Administrative Office at

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