mentorship program

About the Program

The NAMSS Mentorship Program is an online mentoring matching program that connects you with meaningful professional relationships across the medical services community. Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) are eager and motivated to teach and share the knowledge they have accumulated over the course of their professional careers. Our Mentorship Program is designed for everyone! If you need help studying for the CPCS or CPMSM, mastering a new skill or growing your career, use the NAMSS Mentorship Program to seek out a mentor. If you are an established MSP, share your expertise and experiences with individuals just starting out in their career or taking on new roles by connecting with a mentee. Click on the button below to become a Mentor or Mentee today! Please note that the NAMSS Mentorship Program is a members-only benefit.

Next Steps

Once registered, complete your profile and match with a mentor or mentee by viewing profiles based on the search criteria such as specialized skills/development areas, industries, job functions, languages, and more! After matching with a mentor or agreeing to take on a mentee, schedule meetings to reach goals tracked on the platform. 

Important: For the best user experience, please use Google Chrome or a recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. The site is also compatible with all mobile devices and available on the App Store and Google Play.

Rules of Engagement 

  • Mentors and Mentees must be NAMSS Members to use the mentoring platform
  • Mentors and Mentees must agree on and fill out a Mentoring Agreement
  • All users of the platform must be respectful in their interactions with other users
  • Mentors and Mentees must be responsive and honor the time commitments they make to their mentoring relationships
  • The NAMSS Mentorship Program must not be used for vendors to promote their products
  • The NAMSS Mentorship Program must not be used as a forum for generating leads or recruiting


Please report any issues or unforeseen circumstances that arise during/within a mentoring pairing to the NAMSS Administrative Office at