NAMSS Managed Care Toolkit


Updated as of September 2018

NAMSS is committed to expanding its resource library and offerings to our industry colleagues working in the Managed Care environment. Recently, a group of NAMSS volunteer leaders set out to develop a basic resource “toolkit” that provides a basic set guidelines and templates to utilize for day-to-day credentialing functions. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide individuals new to managed care the resources needed to succeed in the daily operations of their new environment. In this toolkit, you will find a roadmap to leadership success, credentialing metrics, resources for credentialing and primary source verification, credentialing job descriptions, and managed care definitions, resources, and acronyms. It is NAMSS’ intent that this toolkit will not only be useful for individuals in managed care, but for all individuals in the profession wanting to develop a deeper understanding of the credentialing specificities required within varying health care environments. 


Please note that we are requesting feedback on this resource. This is far from a “complete” resource and we value your feedback regarding the document. We need your ongoing opinions to make changes, add new content, and ensure it holds value to you. Any other thoughts or ideas about resources NAMSS can create for you in the Managed Care realm are also welcome.