NAMSS Scholarships

The NAMSS Continuing Education Scholarship Provides financial assistance, in an amount not to exceed $1,500 annually for attendance at the NAMSS Annual Conference, Education Summit or online course or State or Chapter Annual Conference. This will be awarded wholly or in part, to eligible, active member(s)of NAMSS who are currently employed in the medical services profession or holds the NAMSS CPCS or CPMSM and is currently seeking employment in same. The scholarship will be used to cover the cost of registration fees for live or online courses.

The NAMSS Leadership Development Scholarship provides financial assistance to an active member of NAMSS who would like to develop their leadership skills. The scholarship may be used to cover the cost of the Leadership Certificate Program online modules, or registration fees for the in person workshop, The amount of the scholarship is not to exceed $1,500 and may be awarded wholly or in part to eligible active members of NAMSS.

Applications are due by December 31, 2019 for the following:

  • NAMSS Continuing Education Scholarship for programs needing funding between January 16, 2020 and July 15, 2020
  • NAMSS Leadership Development Scholarship for programs needing funding between January 16, 2020 and July 15, 2020

Charlotte Cochrane Scholarship Award Winners

2018 Shari Vogel
2017 Allison Peterson, CPCS
2016 Rhonda Boyd, CPCS, CPMSM
2015 Lisa Camacho, CPCS
2014 Gina Mortensen, RHIT, CPCS, CPMSM
2013 Sydle Robinson, CPCS
2012 Kristen K. Rockwell, CPMSM
2011 Thelma Bentley, CPCS
2010 Danielle Chaney, CPMSM, CPCS
2009 Lisa Goodwin, CPCS
2008 Heidi Thompson, CPMSM, CPCS
2007 Pamala Postma, CPMSM, CPCS
2006 Kristine Wakefield, CPMSM, CPCS
2005 Juanita Callion, CPMSM
2004 Kimberly Pelletier, CPMSM
2003 Shelia K. Orr, CPMSM
2002 Pamela Higgins
2001 Joyce Jackson-Fontonet, CPCS

Aspire Higher Scholarship Award Winners

2018 Inna Voskresensky, MHA, CPCS, CPMSM
2017 Thelma Bentley, CPCS, CPMSM 
2016 Cynthia Manglona, B.S., CPMSM, CPCS
2015 Elizabeth Erwin, CPCS, CPMSM
2014 Patricia Douglass, CPMSM