Education Resources for State Associations

Are your state association members looking for additional continuing education (CE) opportunities? Want to provide top-quality education, but not sure where to start?


NAMSS offers several options to ensure your members are getting the educational materials they need to continue to grow in their career, and move the medical services profession into the future. Whether you already have an event planned or are seeking content to provide your members, NAMSS is your go-to resource.  


Accredit Your Event

By submitting education programs through our CE Accreditation Center, MSPs can learn new skills and all while earning CE credits towards NAMSS recertification. State associations receive a significant discount on CE Program Applications to the NAMSS CE Accreditation center – starting at just $25 for an Accreditation Center application for live or enduring material events. 


Did you know? Certified MSPs must earn 30 credits per year (45 if they are dual certified!) to remain certified and are actively seeking educational opportunities that will help them reach their goal!

Click here to download a summary of policies and costs for state associations to accredit educational activities. 

Purchase a NAMSS-Designed Webinar Bundle

Offer your members top-quality education, without having to design your own educational sessiors or find your own speakers! NAMSS offers specialized recorded-webinar programs exclusively for state associations to provide CE credits for their members. NAMSS works with your association to select the most appropriate webinar from our library of online educational resources that best fit the topic you'd like to cover.

NAMSS has a solution for groups of all sizes. NAMSS will work with you to customize a solution whether you have a larger or smaller group!

Webinar Bundle for Small Groups

Are you working with a small group of five people or fewer? Purchase the "Group Recording" version of any of our recorded webinars.

  • Group purchasing provides access to the webinar and gives (5) individual CE certificates.
  • This webinar bundle format is designed to be viewed together either in-person or virtually.
  • Group Recording Cost: $150 (base fee)
  • If you need more than 5 CE certificates, you can purchase more CE certificates for the group in packages of 10 with no limit on the number of additional packages. 
    • Additional CE Package Cost: $85 per 10 certificates

NEW! Webinar Bundles for Large Groups

Do you need CE for all of your state association members? NAMSS has crafted webinar bundles for larger groups of up to 30 individuals to watch the webinar either together in-person of on your own virtually.

  • NAMSS will provide access and CE certificates for 30 of your state association members to watch the recorded webinar of your state association's choosing.
  • Can be watched together in-person or virtually.
  • Cost: $300

LIMITED TIME OFFER! The first 10 state associations to sign up for this NAMSS Recorded Webinar Bundle for large groups will receive 50% off their second webinar bundle purchase. To purchase, send an email to education@namss.org with the subject "ATTN: Kat Mathis".

Webinar Bundle Options

Group Size Price CE Certificates
5 people or fewer $150 5 individual CE certificates
5 people or more $150 + $85 per additional CE package

5 individual CE certificates + 10 individual CE certificates per package

30 people or fewer $300 30 individual CE Certificates


Host a NAMSS Course for your members

Hosting a NAMSS course is easier than ever, as NAMSS now offers the option to host one of our courses either in-person OR virtually! Hosting a course is an easy, cost-effective way to bring NAMSS' education to your members. NAMSS offers a variety of courses including but not limited to the Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) Certification Preparation Course. the Medical Services Management (CPMSM) Certification Preparation Course,  Credentialing 101, Credentialing 201 and Ready to Lead!

Host a Virtual NAMSS Course
Bring a NAMSS Virtual Course to your state association or facility without the added stress of scheduling and travel logstics and costs. Our newly re-designed Virtual Workshops take place over the course of 4 to 6 weeks and provide both live instruction from experienced NAMSS instructors via Zoom and interactive modules through our learning management system for a dynamic learning experience. There are several courses available for hosting in a virtual format including the Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) Certification Preparation Course. the Medical Services Management (CPMSM) Certification Preparation Course,  Credentialing 101, and Credentialing 201 (more information coming soon) 

Host an In-person NAMSS Course
Hosting a NAMSS course at your state or chapter meeting, or facility is an easy, cost effective ways to bring NAMSS’ education directly to your members and/or employees. There are several courses available for hosting including Ready to Lead, Credentialing 101, and the Certification Preparation Courses (CPCS and CPMSM). When bringing a course to your state, your organization is responsible for organizing all course logistics and registration and pays the licensing, honorarium, and materials fees to NAMSS. Your organization is also responsible for covering instructor travel costs.