In 2015, NAMSS convened a working group of experts from organizations across the healthcare industry to develop a list of data elements involved in the credentialing process. This Data Dictionary can serve as a companion to NAMSS’ Ideal Credentialing Standards (ICS), which outline 13 essential criteria for credentialing an initial practitioner applicant. The criteria in the ICS represent broad categories of information about an applicant that a facility should consider, and the Data Dictionary provides a detailed accounting of individual pieces of data that are involved in those categories.

The Data Dictionary provides a short title for each data point, as well as an expanded description and explanatory notes if necessary. The data points are separated into sections, much like one would see on a formal application for privileges. This list includes essential elements from the FSMB Uniform Licensure Application, the CAQH ProView Application, various state applications, and NAMSS’ own internal model application standards.

It is important to note that this document should not be considered a replacement for a formal credentialing and privileging application. Every hospital should consult with their legal team and consider applicable local, state, and federal regulations, as well as their own facility bylaws and requirements when developing and maintaining their credentialing process.


Download NAMSS’ Credentialing Data Dictionary