Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training

NAMSS, in partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA), the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), and the Organization of Program Director Associations (OPDA) developed the VGMET Form, to streamline the process MSPs use to verify practitioner training and alleviate duplications associated with this credentialing step. The VGMET Form captures all primary-sourced components of a practitioner’s medical-education history so MSPs can confirm this information from one source (program directors), one time. 

The VGMET Form is one of the many ways NAMSS is working with other organizations to improve the practitioner-credentialing process so MSPs can focus more on quality analysis to protect patient safety, and less on repeatedly querying static data. Tomorrow’s MSP helps MSPs work at the tops of their scope and paves the way for achieving a more innovative, efficient, and comprehensive credentialing process. 

The VGMET Form is easy to use—simply download the Form, send it to the practitioner’s training program to complete, and save the completed Form into your institution’s credentialing system for continued reference throughout the practitioner’s career. 

NAMSS, along with the AHA, ACGME, OPDA are proud to endorse the VGMET Form. 

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Download the Verification of Graduate
Medical Education Training Form