Exam Registration Info

Scheduling Your Exam Appointment

The certification exams are administered during an established three-week period at computerized testing facilities managed by Scantron. Scantron offers more than 300 testing centers in the United States. To view a listing of current testing centers, please go to Scantron's website. Available testing dates and times vary by location.

We recommend that you access the scheduling Web link as soon as you receive your NTS to schedule your appointment, as scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Waiting to schedule your test appointment may significantly limit the date/time availability at the test center of your choice. All available testing locations and dates will be presented to you on the scheduling Web link.

Within three business days of submitting your scheduling request, you will receive a scheduling confirmation e-mail. The scheduling confirmation, plus government-issued photo identification with signature, must be presented to the proctor in order to gain admission to the testing center.

If the site and date you requested is no longer available, you will receive an e-mail notice allowing you to choose another site and date option.

If you have any questions regarding your scheduled exam appointment, please contact Scantron at (919) 572-6880. If you are unable to find a testing site in your area, please e-mail certification@namss.org or call (202) 367-1196, select "Certification", and a staff member will assist you.