Live Remote Proctoring

There will be two options to take the CPCS® and CPMSM® exams: at a Meazure Learning test center or via Live Online Proctoring. Live Online Proctoring (LOP) allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your own home or location of your choosing on your own computer while being monitored live by an offsite proctor through your webcam.

Please read the below important information about the Live Online Proctoring set up, technical requirements, and exam day procedures.

Preparing for the Exam via Live Online Proctoring

Notice to Schedule Email

Testing sessions are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, based on seating availability. After you schedule your Live Online Proctoring exam, you will receive an email from Meazure Learning, our examination testing vendor, with your “Notice to Schedule”. This email will be sent no earlier than one month prior to the opening of the testing period. Within the Notice to Schedule, you will receive a scheduling URL, a username and a password.

Technical Requirements to Take the Exam via Live Online Proctoring

  1. Administrative Privileges: Ensure you have full administrative privileges for the computer you plan to use for your exam. Please note, most work-issued devices do not allow full administrative privileges for employees. Confirm your computer's adminstrative privileges with your IT department or use a non-work-issued device to take the exam.
  2. Computer: PC computers are recommended; however, Mac computers are also acceptable. Google Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, dual/multiple monitors, and projectors are not permitted to be used as a testing device. If using a Mac computer, please review their support page prior to the exam day: MacOS X Catalina and Big Sur users.
  3. Internet Browser: Ensure you have the Guardian Browser downloaded. Click here to download and explore the Guardian Browser help center articles for additional assistance.
  4. System Check: To minimize any disruption during your exam, it is required that you perform a system check prior to taking your exam. To check your system for ProctorU’s environment, login to your ProctorU account and click Test Your Equipment. This ProctorU system check only verifies the internet speed, webcam function, and microphone function at the time the check is performed and does not guarantee that you will not experience technical difficulties on exam day. The system check does not confirm your computer administrative privileges.
  5. Meazure Learning Resources: Explore Meazure Learning's "What to Expect on Exam Day" article for more helpful steps on how to prepare.

Online Exam Testing Environment

Please take the necessary steps to ensure the room in which you will take the exam via Live Online Proctoring meets the proper requirements. The room you test in must be a private room. Public spaces such as library, computer lab, or coffee shop may not provide adequate private space. The testing room must be well-lit, quiet, and only accessed by you during the examination. You should be seated at a hard surface like a desk or table, and preferably with your back to the main room entrance. Standing desks will not be permitted. For more information on unpermitted testing locations please click here.

You will be required to do a room scan before your exam can begin.  This will include a 360-degree pan of the room in which you are testing; therefore, please be sure that your webcam can be rotated to view the entire room and workspace including behind your computer and underneath your desk.  In addition, you will be required to show your computer monitor from a reflective surface such as a mirror or cell phone.  If you use a cell phone, the proctor will instruct you to store the phone away from the exam area after completing the room scan.

  • Your desk space must be completely clear of any items not approved for use on your exam (see list of prohibited items below).
  • You must be alone in the room throughout the test. Friends, relatives, pets, and children will NOT be allowed in the room, or in the vicinity, in which you are testing.
  • You may not use dual or multiple monitors during the exam. If you have a second monitor, please unplug it, and place it out of reach.
  • You will be required to show your computer monitor with a reflective surface such as a mirror or cell phone.  If you use a cell phone, the proctor will instruct you to store the phone away from the exam area after completing the check.
  • Your computer must be plugged into a power source (you may not rely on battery power for the exam). The computer must remain plugged in for the entirety of the exam session.
  • The proctor must be able to see you (webcam) and hear you (microphone) for the entirety of the exam session.
    • Please ensure you remain within the webcam frame. If you do not, the proctor will ask you to please adjust your camera.
    • The room in which you are testing must be well lit to ensure visibility for the proctor.
  • All programs that aren't needed for the exam (including VPN) must be shut down.
  • Once your exam has started, no talking unless you are asking the proctor a question. You are not permitted to read exam questions out loud.
  • If your exam timer runs out, your exam will auto-submit.
  • Computer-based tests are delivered via secure internet connections. Internet connections are subject to the local internet providers in the area. While it is not the norm, internet connections can, on occasion, be lost momentarily, requiring the proctor to log you back into your examination. If this occurs, inform the proctor that your connection has been lost and they will assist you in logging back into your exam. Upon logging back into the exam, you will resume at the first unanswered question. Your exam time remaining will be the same as it was when the internet connection was lost. Even though internet connections are secure, candidates are strictly prohibited from attempting to access any information, programs or websites while testing.
  • Connecting with the proctor: If you have difficulty connecting to the proctor to start your test, contact Proctor U support at 1-855-772-8678. If you continue to not be able to connect or access the test, you may ask to reschedule. However, once you access the exam and see exam content, you will not be able to reschedule if you are disconnected and are unable to reconnect.
  • Disconnections: You must NOT continue with the exam if you are disconnected from the proctor. Doing so may invalidate your exam and prevent you from retesting. You will receive a popup message to reconnect to the proctor. If you need assistance reconnecting, please contact ProctorU support at 1-855-772-8678. If you are unable to complete your examination, you must contact candidatesupport@meazurelearning.com within 24 hours of your appointment.

Prohibited Items

  • All candidates are expressly prohibited from having the following items in the room in which they are testing:
    • Headphones or earbuds,
    • Watches of any kind,
    • Cameras, cell phones, optical readers, or other electronic devices that include the ability to photograph, photocopy or otherwise copy test materials,
    • Book bags, luggage, purses or handbags,
    • Additional computers, monitors, PDAs, iPods, mp3 players, pagers, or other electronic devices with one or more memories,
    • Coats and jackets (Please note that sweaters and sweatshirts without pockets or hoods are permitted.)
    • Hats, hoods, or other headwear are not permitted in the examination room unless required for religious purposes. All items are subject to inspection by the proctor if suspicious behavior is detected.
    • Any person, including friends, relatives, pets, and children
  • The following items are prohibited unless expressly permitted in the exam specific information section below:
    • Calculators
    • Scratch paper/Whiteboard
    • Notes, books, dictionaries, or language dictionaries
    • Personal writing utensils (i.e., pencils, pens, and highlighters)
    • Food


Day of the Exam

  1. On your exam day, log in to your ProctorU account using the login details found in your Notice to Schedule email from Meazure Learning. Please keep your cell phone with you until the proctor instructs you to store your phone and belongings away from the exam area.
  2. After you have logged in, click the "Start Session" button to begin connecting with your proctor. Please note the start session button will not be live until three minutes prior to your scheduled exam start time.
  3. Your proctor will complete the check in process and log you in to the exam. You must present the scheduling confirmation email with your exam password, plus a government-issued photo identification with signature to the online proctor via webcam in order to gain admission to the testing center. The name written on your CPCS/CPMSM application must match the name on your government-issued photo identification. Please plan for the check-in process and procedures to take 15-20 minutes prior to beginning your exam. If there are technical issues lasting longer than 15 minutes the proctor will transfer you to a technical support agent for further assistance.  If you are unable to begin your exam within 30 minutes of your appointment time, you may request to reschedule your appointment.  If you proceed to start the examination following technical troubleshooting, you are confirming that you are aware you are starting the exam past your appointment time and will not be eligible for a retake on the basis of the exam starting late.
  4.  The timer for your exam will not start until you are presented with the first question of your exam (the login process does not take away from your exam time).
  5. IMPORTANT: You must stay online after submitting your exam. Do not disconnect from the exam until the proctor dismisses you. Your proctor will have two or three quick procedures for you to follow before disconnecting. If you disconnect from the exam before your proctor has dismissed you, ProctorU will send a report to Meazure Learning, who may inform your exam sponsor.


Technical Support

On Exam Day or for technical support: (available 24 hours a day)

  • Use the chat option in the bottom right corner of your ProctorU account or
  • Call 855-772-8678
  • Online Proctoring FAQ

Regarding registration, rescheduling/cancelling, or pre-exam questions: (available Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern)