Taking the Exam


Before the Exam

The CCN will hold Webinars in conjunction with the opening of the testing window. All content for this particular Webinar series will be purely informational as to the steps required to apply for and sit for both the CPCS and CPMSM exams. Because both the CPCS and CPMSM exams are accredited by the NCCA, these Webinars will not be educational, but rather informational, in nature. The purpose of the Webinar will be to assist candidates and potential candidates in the steps necessary to sit for the exam. 

Day of the Exam

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the testing center location and parking facilities prior to the day of your exam so that you arrive at the testing center stress-free and on time.

On the day of the exam, report to the testing center 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. You should plan to be at the testing center for four and one-half hours. Late arrivals may not be admitted. Late arrivals may not be admitted. If you have any problems regarding your scheduled exam location or proctor, please contact CASTLE at (919) 572-6880.

Upon arriving at the testing center, you will be required to present your eligibility notice and provide one form of government-issued photo identification, which must bear your name and your signature. Examples of appropriate identification include passport or driver’s license. If you do not bring the appropriate identification to the testing center, you will not be able to test within that testing period. The name on your photo identification must exactly match the name that appears on your eligibility notice.

Computer-Based Testing

You do not need extensive computer experience to take a computer-based examination. Benefits of computer-based testing include:

  • Online tutorials for computer operation,

  • The ability to mark questions as a reminder to review later,

  • The ability to track and display time remaining during the exam.