NAMSS Education FAQS

General Online Course Questions

What is the process for beginning a NAMSS on-line course?

You may purchase any of the courses immediately with a credit card in the NAMSS Online Store. You may also opt to send in a check. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. To access your courses, log in to the NAMSS website and click the green button that says "Access the NAMSS Online Education Center" (on the right-hand side of the NAMSS Homepage). Once in the Online Education Center, navigate to the "My Current Learning" section.

Can I earn continuing education credits?

Yes. These courses are designed to serve as continuing education coursework, presenting an overview of a specific topic in the medical services profession. Credits vary per course. For a copmplete listing of all education opportunities, visit the CE Opportunities section of the website.

How long do I have to complete a course?

NAMSS online education programs expire after a given period of time from the date of purchase and access. Online course modules, such as the CPCS and CPMSM Online Cert Prep courses expire after six (6) months. Most recorded webinars and webinar packages expire after 90 days. Quizzes, such as Synergy quizzes, expire after 90 days. Leadership Certificate Program modules expire after one (1) year. Completion times vary by offering.

How often can I access the course online?

Each course is accessible 24 hours per day until your educational product expires.

What is the format of the course and what kinds of activities will be involved?

The material will be presented as a PowerPoint presentation accompanied by text and audio. Once you reach the end of a course, you will be asked to complete a short quiz covering the material in the course. You have an unlimited number of attempts to successfully complete the quiz. After successfully completing the quiz, you will be prompted to print your certificate of completion. CE certificates can be accessed in the "My Learning History" section of the Online Education Center.

What are the minimum system requirements for viewing the online course?

The minimum software requirements for viewing published presentations include the following:

  • Flash Player 6,0,79 or later (  
  • One of the following browsers:


Operating System


Supported Browsers

Windows 98

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7.x, Firefox 1.x, AOL 8, and Opera 7.11

Windows Me

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7.x, Firefox 1.x, AOL 8, and Opera 7.11

Windows 2000

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7.x, Firefox 1.x, CompuServe 7, AOL 8, and Opera 7.11

Windows XP

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.x, Firefox 1.x, CompuServe 7, AOL 8, and Opera 7.11


Operating System


Supported Browsers

Mac OS 9.x

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1, Netscape 4.8, Netscape 7.x, Mozilla 1.x, and Opera 6

Mac OS 10.x

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2, Netscape 7.x, Mozilla 1.x, AOL 7, Opera 6, and Safari 1.0 (Mac OS 10.2x or later only)

What should I do if I am able to login to the course, but nothing happens?

Disable your pop-up blocker or edit your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from You may also try using Mozilla FireFox as your online education browser. Download Mozilla's FireFox for free here.

To edit your pop-up blocker settings:    Internet Explorer To open the "Pop-up Blocker Settings Menu," open IE and go to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.   Notifications and Filter Level   The "Notifications and Filter Level" section allows you to set pop-up filter level and notification preferences.

  1. Go to "Notifications and Filter Level" at the bottom of the menu. Choose the filter level you want. It is recommended to keep the default setting of "Medium."
  2. The other two checkboxes are optional and notify you when pop-ups are blocked.

Exceptions  The "Exceptions" section allows you to allow pop-ups from specified websites.

  1. Open the "Pop-up Blocker Settings Menu" by going to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.
  2. "Exceptions" is the first section. To add a site to this list, enter the URL ( in "Address of website to allow:", and click the Add button. That site will now appear in your "Allowed Sites" list below.
  3. To remove a site from your "Allowed Sites," single-click on the site to highlight it and click the Remove button. You can remove all allowed sites by clicking the Remove All button.

Firefox  Open the "pop-up Windows" menu, open Firefox and go to Tools > Options > Web Features. Note: Mac users open Firefox and go to Firefox > Preferences > Web Features.

  1. Check Block Pop-up Windows if you would like to get all pop-ups.
  2. Click on Allowed Sites to allow pop-ups from specified websites. -Enter the URL ( of the site you want to allow pop-ups from and click Allow. -If you wish to remove a site from your allowed list, highlight it and click Remove Site. Clicking Remove All Sites will clear your allowed sites list

I disabled my pop-up blocker/added the course weblink to my allowed pop-ups however I am still having problems. What should I do?

You may have a third party pop-up blocker software installed. Third party popup blockers can be difficult to detect. Google and Yahoo toolbars will appear in your web browser's menu under View | Toolbars. Other software may appear in your Taskbar, and some may not be detectable at all. Check your Add/Remove Programs menu and run a scan for spyware to try to eliminate any unwanted popup blockers.

You may also want to contact your IT department for additional assistance.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All requests for cancellations and refunds for live courses must be made in writing within 14 days of date of purchase. Refunds will be issued less a non-refundable $50 processing fee.

Certification Preparation Course-Specific Questions

What are the NAMSS Certification Preparation Courses?

The NAMSS Certification Preparation Courses are designed as a tool to help you review and prepare for the NAMSS Certification Exams. The content for the prep courses is based on the content outline for the NAMSS Certification Exam. Course participants will learn concepts, and will put them to work in a variety of scenarios they are likely to encounter in the credentialing process—in all medical environments.

The NAMSS Certification Preparation Courses are designed to be extremely practical, and focused on real-world outcomes. They are designed to look at the application of basic knowledge to common challenges; they do not teach the basics. Similarly, the certification exam focuses on application of knowledge, not memorization.

How are the certification preparation courses difference from the NAMSS Professional Development Courses?

  • The CPCS Online Certification Preparation Course has been approved for 3.5 CE Credits
  • The CPMSM Online Certification Preparation Course has been approved for 5.0 CE Credits
  • Attendees who attend an entire live, classroom-style NAMSS Certification Preparation Course are eligible to obtain 14.0 CE credits.

How many CE credits may be obtained by attending a NAMSS Certification Preparation Course?

  • The CPCS Online Certification Preparation Course has been approved for 3.5 CE Credits
  • The CPMSM Online Certification Preparation Course has been approved for 5.0 CE Credits
  • Attendees who attend an entire live, classroom-style NAMSS Certification Preparation Course are eligible to obtain 14.0 CE credits.

How much does it cost to attend a live course?

Rates for live courses will vary. Please check the course information page for registrations fees, or contact for up-to-date registration rates.

How can I bring a NAMSS Certification Preparation Course to my area?

For states affiliates or chapters who believe there is a need for a NAMSS Certification Preparation Course to their region in 2019, please contact the NAMSS education team at

Leadership Certificate Program-Specific Questions

What is a capstone project?

The capstone project is the final project for the program. More information will be provided once you've started the program, however the idea is to create a final project, paper or presentation showcasing what you have learned and how it has impacted your leadership journey. Think of it as a way to show your peers what you have learned from the program.

Are there post tests that take place after each module?

Yes there will be a quiz at the end of each module. You’ll be required to earn an 80% or higher in order to pass and 'complete' the module. While you can register for the in-person course prior to completing all online modules, we strongly recommend you complete the online modules before attending the in-person course. If you have earned an 80% or higher on the quiz but do not see it as being completed please contact

With the second part of Leading a Team and Effective Negotiations, are these modules considered to be 'hands on' or role playing modules?

Yes, the entire two day in-person course will be a lot of hands on activities where you'll be able to practice what you have learned in the online modules and build off the experience of others to improve your communication, critical thinking, leadership, and negotiation skills.

How do I pay for the program?

We have divided the program up into two distinct sections so payment is more easily managed. Online modules will be available by the end of May in the NAMSS Store. Payment will be required prior to accessing the online modules. For the in-person course you are welcome to register early and pay by check, but you will not receive your CEs until payment is received.

I can't attend the Annual Conference, when can I take the in-person course?

NAMSS will offer the in-person Leadership Certificate Program course during the Annual Conference each fall and the Education Summit each spring. Dates and locations can be found on our website.

I only have CPCS certification - Can I participate in the program?

Yes. If you have CPCS or CPMSM certifications and are looking to expand your experiences and improve your interpersonal and leadership skills, then this program is for you.

I don't have a certification - Can I participate in the program?

We strongly recommend that you earn a certification prior to taking this program. Earning a certification not only proves you've been in the field for at least 3 years, but that you are dedicated to the profession. This program is tailored to the MSP. If you do not plan on remaining in the medical staff office, you will not gain the full value of this program. The program is created for individuals who have experience managing teams and employees, who have experience budgeting, managing projects and working with decision makers.

I am really interested in the online module "xx" — Can I take just that course?

At this time the online modules are sold as a package for the program, this is how they were designed. There are no current plans to offer each module separately from the program.

How long is the program?

The online modules each take about one to two hours to complete, but we encourage you to run through them slowly and take them as many times as you need to feel confident and comfortable with the material. You will have access to the online modules for a full year. The in-person workshop is two full days running from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with a one hour break for lunch.