About the Electronic Connectivity Program (ECP)

The NAMSS PASS Electronic Connectivity Program (ECP) helps health care entities (HCE) and vendors connect their credentialing-related software systems to the NAMSS PASS database. 

The Electronic Connectivity Program consists of an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows participants to directly upload data, query practitioners, and seamlessly access their NAMSS PASS accounts directly from their credentialing systems.  

The Electronic Connectivity Program is open to vendors and healthcare systems and is provided by NAMSS PASS at no additional charge.


Vendors and HCEs who successfully implement the ECP will receive a “NAMSS PASS ECP Certified” designation, acknowledging the safe and reliable exchange of practitioner affiliation data between their system and NAMSS PASS.

The following organizations are officially ECP Certified:



What’s Next?

We are constantly working to enhance the ECP and API by adding new features. We are open to feedback and suggestions – so please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions about joining ECP or have any feedback, please email us at