The demand for leaders within the medical services profession is on the rise. If you are ready to take on a leadership role within your work place, the NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program will get you there.

Through a series of both live instructor led sessions and online learning modules, the Leadership Certificate Program allows MSPs dedicated to the field to expand on their experiences and gain the skills, confidence, and industry understanding to be stronger leaders within the industry.


The NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program is an ideal option for MSPs with the CPCS or CPMSM credential and a minimum of five years’ industry experience with the title of Manager and above. However, the program is open to NAMSS members and non-members and all medical services professionals who are interested in advancing their role and responsibilities as leaders.

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Course Topics include:

  • Project Management and Leadership

Learn to develop different types of project plans, when to implement them, how to measure outcomes, and the differences between project leadership and project management.

  • Corporate Responsibility and Compliance

Gain a better understanding of the expectations set by corporate stakeholders regarding oversight of corporate affairs, and the elements necessary to establish and affirmatively demonstrate your facility’s adherence to a reasonable compliance oversight process.

  • HR – Cultivating Leaders from Within

Create a collaborative culture, recognize and foster leadership skills in your employees, and understand the importance of mentoring employees in order to develop future leaders.

  • Financial Leadership and Decision Making

Articulate complex accounting and financial concepts, recognize key sources of healthcare revenue, and understand and define the budget process, financial analysis, and performance monitoring.

  • Becoming a More Effective Negotiator

Gain insights into the common styles of negotiation and when and how to implement them, improve your negotiation skills by examining your emotions and influence on others, develop tactics to deal with difficult negotiators, learn the process of mediation and the role MSPs play in settling disputes, and discover how to evaluate a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement).

  • Leading a Team

Identify different team types, analyze team behaviors, understand the various stages of team development, acquire strategies for creating and maintaining high-performance teams, and become familiar with the six steps in the conflict resolution process.

This course covers the following Tomorrow's MSP® Skillsets:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Budget/Finance
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Database Management
  • Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Medical Staff Bylaws & Policies and Procedures
  • Performance Improvement
  • Political Savvy
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Ethics
  • Professional Presence
  • Project Management
  • Quality Review/Quality
  • Relationship Building
  • Remote People Management (NEW)
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building


In order to receive CE credits and a completion certificate for the program, participants are required to complete the following:

  1.  Complete and pass all Online Modules and quizzes.
    • Introduction to the NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program
    • Project Management and Leadership
    • Corporate Responsibility and Compliance
    • Essentials in Human Resources: Cultivating Leaders from Within
    • Financial Leadership and Decision Making
    • Becoming an Effective Negotiator
    • Leading a Team: Core Concepts for Success
    • Leadership in the Current Healthcare Environment
  2. Attend all live course sessions (in-person or virtually via Zoom)
  3. Present and receive a passing score on a capstone project demonstrating key learnings from the program.


After completing the above requirements, participants will receive a Leadership Certificate.

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If you are interested in participating in the NAMSS Leadership Certificate Program, you can review additional course information below, purchase the online modules, and register for the virtual or in-person workshops.

Online Modules:

  • The NAMSS Leadership online modules have been designed to explore the various facets of leadership faced by MSPs and to provide guidance and training on how to further develop those skills.
  • All online modules are available for purchase through the NAMSS store as a bundle or each course individually. The online modules each take about one to two hours to complete but encourage participants to run through each module slowly and take them as many times as you need to feel confident and comfortable with the material. You will have access to the online modules for a full year.
    • Virtual participants are required to complete all online modules by the end of the final week of the virtual course in order to earn the Leadership Certificate.
    • In-person participants are required to complete the specified online modules before attending the in-person course.
  • View an introduction to the course and earn 1.0 NAMSS CE Credit! 

Live Course Options:

  • Virtual Leadership Course
    • Our newly redesigned virtual Leadership Certificate Program is a five-week interactive program where you will learn the skills to improve your communication, how to lead a team, negotiate, and think critically. This virtual program is comprised of independent study with online modules to complete by the end of the course and live, instructor-led sessions taught by accredited NAMSS instructors based on primary source education.
  • In-Person Leadership Course
    • Our in-person Leadership Certificate Program is a three-day interactive program held in conjunction with NAMSS Education Conference & Exhibition where you will learn the skills to improve your communication, how to lead a team, negotiate, and think critically. The in-person program is comprised of independent study with online modules to complete before you arrive and an in person three day workshop taught by NAMSS instructors based on primary source education.


The Leadership Certificate Program has been approved for the following CE credits:

  • Virtual Leadership Course Program
    • 10 CE credits for live virtual sessions
    • 17 CE credits for online modules
  • In-Person  Leadership Course Program
    • 14 CE credits for the in-person course
    • 17 CE credits for online modules


Earners of the NAMSS Leadership Program Certificate have demonstrated advanced skills in communication, negotiation, mediation, critical thinking and project management. They are medical services professionals (MSP) who are competent in leading organized and productive teams as well as in addressing challenging MSP-related healthcare issues with an open and intentional mindset. View our current list of NAMSS Leadership Program certificants here! 

Any individual who misrepresents NAMSS or themselves in the following ways or others in conflict with the NAMSS ethics policy will have their certificate revoked by NAMSS and will be ineligible to obtain it in the future:

a) misrepresents their identity or eligibility status;

b) gives or receives unauthorized assistance on the assessment(s);

c) claims, states, or implies that the obtained Leadership Certificate is a professional certification or that its purpose and scope are beyond that defined by NAMSS; or

d) engages in other violations of established policies.


NAMSS does not discriminate against any individual or entity on the basis of religion, age, gender, race, disability, nationality, creed, socioeconomic status, or any other protected classification. All individuals participating in the Leadership Certificate Program will be judged solely on published criteria. Candidates are not required to be a member of any organization to participate in this program.


NAMSS complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to accommodate candidates with special needs. Candidates with documented visual, physical, hearing, or learning disabilities that would prevent them from taking an examination under standard conditions may request special accommodations and arrangements. For the exam administrations, special needs must be documented in writing by participant’s doctor or other qualified professional on official letterhead.