NAMSS Virtual Workshops: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide more details regarding the format of the virtual workshops?

  • Absolutely! NAMSS is excited to offer these new virtual workshops and support MSPs interested in taking the CPCS or CPMSM exam. The workshops will provide a high-level overview of the exams’ topics and supplementary resources to help you prepare for your exam. Each week, you will receive reading and course materials to review and complete prior to the next week’s in-person session. Live sessions will be facilitated by experienced NAMSS instructors. You will review coursework, be able to ask questions, and take part in group discussions with your peers in the workshop. A key focus of the course is your development of a personalized study plan for post-workshop study and preparation to take the examination.

The in-person pre-conference workshops were two days, and the virtual workshops are extended over a month. Why?

  • We recognize that attending a two-day, virtual workshop could be tough to digest and allow for the same level of engagement that makes our in-person preparation courses so successful. Extending the workshop allows you more time to reflect on coursework and the opportunity to have more impactful discussions when attending live sessions.

How does this virtual workshop differ from NAMSS online preparation courses?

  • The NAMSS online preparation courses are self-paced modules that allow participants to review materials when it is most convenient to you. With the virtual workshops, you’ll take part in live discussions, collaborate with your peers, and have access to experienced NAMSS instructors who will support you as you prepare to take the CPCS or CPMSM exam.

What if I have a question for my instructor in-between live sessions?

  • Your instructor is available for the entirety of the course to answer questions and support your personalized study plan. When the workshop begins, you will receive more details on how to contact your instructors. .

Am I able to network with fellow participants in-between live sessions or only during these prescheduled times?

  • Definitely! While NAMSS does not provide the contact information of participants, during the first live session, you will have the opportunity to exchange contact information with participants also interested in connecting during the course. You can then reach out to collaborate, and plan your own study sessions in-between live sessions.

I would love to participate, but have a conflict during one of the in-person sessions. Is that okay?

  • To maximize your learning experience, we strongly encourage attendance at all live sessions, but understand that life may get in the way. We will be providing recordings of each live session to participants so they can review following each session. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend the live sessions, click here for information about our online prep courses.

When can I expect to receive course materials for the program? 

  • You will receive your course materials for the workshop one week prior to your first live session.

I’ve registered and see the program in my online NAMSS account, however, there are no details within the program. What is going on?

  • The program will be populated with course resources and materials one week prior to the start date. If you have registered and are not seeing the program in your online account, please contact us at to confirm your registration.

Is there a limit to the number of people attending each virtual workshop?

  • Yes, the CPCS, CPMSM and Credentialing 101 workshops will be limited to 50 participants on a first come, first-served basis. If a workshop you’d like to attend has reached capacity, please contact for more details.

What is the payment process? Do you have to pay in-advance to attend the workshops?

  • Yes, all payments must be received and processed at least two weeks before the first day of each workshop, including check payments. If NAMSS does not receive your payment within that timeframe, you will not be able to attend the workshops.